Nov 5, 2007

Vasundhara , Vibhore , Aamir Hafiz, Rohit shyam rao potential lil champs

Well its not to be said the current lil champs show enough talen as it did last time... the only difference been its more promising than it was earlier... and why should it not be? Agility is a part of saregamapa... improve everytime ;)

When Vasundhara from delhi , Anamika from far east , Aamir Hafiz from bhopal and Rohit shyam rao from nagpur were performing on the stage it appeared to be the dazzling performances which Diwakar sharma, Sameer and Sanchita had given earlier in the finals of the lil champs show...

The Amateur singers were far not the words been used for them... Vaishali , Anu and others were promising too... the first elimination for the lil champs was Sahil from Hissar who appeared to be more of a shy guy than a lousy performer... Rohan the punjab da puttar was as promising as anyone would have been in the real Sr. shows...

Well overall the lil champs will be rocking with these cuteeee kids


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