Nov 3, 2007

Kashmira - Krushna voted out of Nach Baliye 3

Well so finally the leaked news was right and it seems that people will now loose creditability over the voting systems and the leaks going out of the show... Todays elimination of Kashmira shah and krushna was discussed over the internet for a long time almost a week... and it seems that the fish is frying somewhere down the line...

Well todays elimination was not a easy one causing something that had never happened on the reality shows... Yes after the verdict was announced there was no crying and hugging ... Kashmira shah and Krushna just simply walked out of the show leaving all the celeb jodi's and judges with a shock and aw treatment...

The elimination of Kashmira and krushna's elimination also comes up with a rumour that is hitting the internet world that says that Rakhi Sawant has signed a deal to generate enough TRP for Star and in turn Star TV offers her a few more shows and the title of Nach Baliye 3... I am not sure how truthful this is but it is going to hurt the voters and the audience specially becuase the news are leaked and results are discussed way in advance.... God bless Nach Baliye 3 and Star


  1. Nach Baliye is NOT A LIVE SHOW. The show is PRE_RECORDED few days before the airing day.

    The recording for both episodes (the dance compitition and the elimination) takes place in Mumbai on Mondays and the show is aired, (in India and in the Gulf countries) on Fridays and Saturdays.

    If you read Indian newspapers online (esp you will notice that the every week they publish the eliminated jodi's names/details of the show.

    This is not a rigged show. So pls stop assuming.

  2. Well Sabiha thanks for your comments and all of us here know tht the shows are pre-recorded in fact in the filcity studios where they are recorded it is been watched by several others... what I would like to raise here is more on the pre-defined systems and votings...

    Do you know the voting stops at mid night sunday and the shows are recorded at monday noon, The question is Are few hours enough to count the results? even if they are in a thousand fews? secondly when I tell you that the leaked news are rumoured they are rumoured weeks ahead .. and not days ahead.... just to give a hint the next rumour hitting is Karan and Amita been out followed by Alexx and Shweta .... the winner is also declared to be Rakhi Sawant ... now when someone see the rumours strongly coming true.. they cant be rumours NO?