Nov 19, 2007

Ishmeet and Harshit enter the colonial war in VOI

Yes... with Ishmeet from Punjab and Harshit from Uttar Pradesh fight the war for the title which is expected to be held on 24th November at the MMRDA grounds on Andheri... and the war of the passes already getting heated... with neverthless none left.... The war between the 2 seems to have taken the turn of regions.... with people from north west really voting for Ishmeet, Harshit is getting some good support from UP, MP, Bihar and Delhi....

The turn in the votes is expected to go wild when the 2 enter the voting ends on 24th september at 8 PM... I see the war turn hostile specially becuase Ishmeet is leading the votes and as of now is tipped to win the show... with some support from politicians and cricketers coming for the 2 the war of the votes between the 2 is already been liked by people when the 2 did some stage shows this week .. first in ludhiana and then in UP...

Lets see what happens next while I prepare to do another session of live blogging.... probably directly from the venue this time,,,,,


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