Oct 6, 2007

When Common Man leads India... The next Female Leader in Line

I am sure you would have always dreamt about this... but now I feel that the oportunity is very close.... the Lead India Initiative has generated a few cool and good potential leaders .. who are from within us and have a urge and capability to Lead the country as ever as ever it had been.... One of them is Asawari Shirodkar... A Nice human and a good visionary that I know of is down to earth and honest... I am sure Asawari if given a chance and enough support by you guys would be good enough to make Pune proud.

To All my blogger frients and readers.. can I please request you to Vote for Asawari 2 mins on internet and 1 rupee on your phone can really bring differenc to our lives if we have someone who we know running the lead for us...

Please find the voting details here
Vote for Asawari Shirodkar at http://lead.timesofindia.com/voteing_Pune.asp

You can SMS your votes please register at Lead India


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