Oct 25, 2007

Voice Of India to decide the next elimination tomorrow

With Ishmeet singh bang on target with the last few performances and giving a head on head to Harshit(I always spell him wrong) , Toshi and Irfan for the toughest ever fight on the genuinely competed Voice of India.... Ishmeet Singh from Punjab is making sure that he gives a word back to Abheejeet who once created a controversy by saying that Ishmeet does not deserve to be in the show.

The next eliminations would surely be painful specially because one great talent will definitely be eliminated here... be it Aaabhas or Toshi , Irfan or Ishmeet or the mistaken Harshit... The great talen will fade to the votes tomorrow.

I am keeping my fingers crossed on Irfan,Harshit and Ishmeet since I believe that Toshi and Aabhaas are getting a second chance.... though my favours lie on the other hand I see Ishmeet singh the likely contestant to be voted out this time.... Well the BONG connection as it was earlier and other shows... is no more the case now here... it could be West, North or center India


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