Oct 25, 2007

Sex and Shahrukh Sells

The why the bloody hype....I am a good fan of SRK , what adds more to the respect I have for him is him been such a nice human being... reading SRK was as much of fun as it was meeting him.. and believe me I still dont know which was better... Anyways while OM SHANTI OM is just about to be released.. Farah Khan the friend and director of Shahrukh khans movie is making sure that its been hyped properly... trust me it is well done until now...

OM SHANTI OM is already a target with a few million hits on internet and google and the requests searching for pirated copies of music and videos are taking its own toll... Now why this Post ?

Well 2 things I definitely know here is SEX Sells as much as Shahrukh.... then why hype the movie? It will be sold anyways NO? Well I know why the movie is hyped;) as much as you do;) Yes they want to make sure that the bestest of Sharukh reaches the people... so be it a tie up with Vodafone or be it a Ramp Walk by Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh along with the Team take it the Lycra call tie up with the OM SHANTI OM or be it Deepika watching the cricket match with Shahrukh.... The hype is to prepare the world for the Best ...

Yes the Best of Shahrukh


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