Oct 2, 2007

SAREGAMAPA Finalists prepare hard

With less than a week left and a few million ovtes already in store and more popping up the finalists of the saregamapa challenge 2007 are preparing hard to face it... Its not a miracle that 3 contestants from each of Himesh Reshammiya , Ismail Darbar and Vishal Shekhar are in the fray... it reminds me of the last finals when Vinay and Debojeet had a tuff competition and Debojjet took off the race.... though after the winning of the crown debojete was not seen much on the glamour world except a few TV shows... it is different all together this time...

As per the graphs Sumedha Karmaye has already been recorded for the Mahesh Bhatt movie, Raja Hasan is in the Shankar-Ahsaan-Loy crew and been recorded in the Yash Raj studios... Amaanat Ali and Musarrat Abbas already booked and Aneek Dhar likely to be called by Farah Khan for her next movie or a remix album.... Joy has been offered by Sajid Khan of the Hey Baby fame and Mauli Dave is the hot chick in town waiting to act and sing ;)

While the finalists prepare for the tuff fight ahead .. I would like you to ask for there votes....

Aneek Dhar

To vote for Aneek Dhar
you can sms ANEEK to 57575
from your mobile

You can call 1904424757507 form your
BSNL/MTNL fixed landline phone
call 51234941 from Reliance

Raja Hasan

To vote for Raja Hasan
you can sms RAJA to 57575
from your mobile

You can call 1904424757504 form your
BSNL/MTNL fixed landline phone
call 51234944 from Reliance

Amanat Ali

To vote for Amanat Ali
you can sms AMANAT to 57575
from your mobile

You can call 1904424757513 form your
BSNL/MTNL fixed landline phone or
call 51234933 from Reliance

The voting for saregemapa contestants Amanat, Raja Hasan and Aneek can also be done on internet on the following web site


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