Oct 13, 2007

saregamapa 2007 finals winner is Aneek Dhar

The winner of ths show is Aneek Dhar with 3 crore 62 lakhs.....The second runner up for the saregamapa finals is Raja Hasan 3 crore 52 lakhs....and after a nail bitting voting counts and finals..... where 132 countries voted for the 3 and with 10 crore 61 lakhs votes all over and Amanat winning 3 crore 43 lakhs it seems that the other 2 contestants are in a very close shave fight..... if My maths is right then I see 10 crore 61 lakhs - 3, 43 lakhs leaving 7 crore 30 lakhs betwen the 2 and that will be not more than 3.60 crore votes for the other 2..... wowo.... close fight it was ......

Aneek dhar deserves the win... Raja Hasan is still happy....

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  1. Raja is the man , deserve for the win but all Himesh sick attitude , Annek is also good I am like him.. but truth is truth