Oct 15, 2007

Raja Hasan deserved but Aneek was also good

While the comments that are been posted all over my blogs and an overwhlming support and Appreciation I got from all of you readers regarding my live blogging.... I would like to tell you that Yes Raja Hasan deserved the win but Aneek was also good... while I am capturing the controvery between Raja Hasan and Aneek and Amanat within a short span of time now ... I would like to tell you that Ismail Darbar seems to have not taken the win of aneek dhar very easy....

Do keep an eye on this blog to watch

1. Himesh was arrogant on the show finals?
2. Raja was out becuase of negative publicity ?
3. Amanat is a scape goat?
4. Why did Ismail Darbar not like Aneek dhars win?
5. What is the saregamapa new controvery?
6. What will Raja Hasan and Amanat Ali get ?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    i don think that raja was better than aneek.... technically aneek and amanat were better than raja.... if u go by both singing and performance then i agree tat raja deserved it but if u go by only pure singing ( classical) then amanat deserved it, but if u want the filmy stuffs wit all nakras , feelings and the masala ANEEK was better..... there is a term called SHRUTHI in singing which is as important as SUR , only aneek and amanat were perfect in both of them and raja used to sing in sur but not in the shruthi.... but wat makes aneek better than amanat is his feelings in the song and the punch in his voice.... nonetheless raja is a gud singer to but this time complete justice has been done by crowning aneek unlike last yr where undeserving debojit was made the winner...