Oct 19, 2007

Ismail Darbar shuts mouth!!! Aneek dhar goes missing

Well Well.. all the Ismail Darbars and Himesh have shut their mouths and actions... after a deliberate attempt made to play around with the TRP's all the controversies associated with the SAREGAMAPA challenge vishwa yudh 2007 are now under cover.... Yes and why not ZEE Tv had made sure that all sort of faulty allegations should be drowned.... if someone thought that the voting's were manipulated let them think it.... If this was true they should have called for transperancy on the same day and not after a few days when the current set of judges were not offered another contract for another show.....

There on the other hand Ismail Darbar who had been very much political seems to have made his impresison right in our minds.... Yes if no one of you remember what he said to one of the songs sung by AMANAT for the movie SAAWARIYA , Ismail blasted Amanat ali saying that "You cannot sing a simple song like this?" well the song was not simple and the tone was not positive.... and yes this is not all....with the offsite enagement between Ismail and Himesh taking a new turn it now seems that Himesh had played his BIG SHOW OFF GAME and is now out of sight ..... the elements he used to show his superiority were ismail Darbar and Aneek dhar..... Raja Hasan seems to be stronger and cool to stay out of all this....

Good Move Raja


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