Oct 16, 2007

Ismail Darbar cries foul yet again

Ismail Darbar when interviewed today by a leading news channel clearly blamed that the channel had this setup and there was a Winner fixing already done. This did not come easy on me since if singing is considered Amanat was leading and if voting is considered Raja hasan was leading always.... so where does the question of Aneek dhar winning comes? The channel owners wanted Aneek to win and they made sure he did....

This did not go very easy too with the Zee management who bought Vice president Ashish Kaul for defense... Ashish Kaul was reportedly saying that when Debojeet the saregamapa 2005/6 winner won the show why did Ismail darbar not raise this question? He also did not forgot to mention that same question was mentioned then by others saying that Vineet was leading and Debojeet's win was set. In a typical way this is just a post loosing grudge.... If there was a question it should have been raised early why the aneek dhar controversy now?

Well Himesh is still quite and I am expecting him to blast today..... lets watch how Voice Of India reacts to all this


  1. raja is the winner..aneek is not best for singing.

  2. raja was the winner..n ismail darbhar is ryt