Oct 13, 2007

Aneek Dhar champs the show

Aneek dhar wins the show...and the arrogant behaviour from Himesh makes it look a bit bitter..... Raja Hasan who seemed to be happy about the win of Aneek has shown great courage..... 22 thousand + people lot of heat in the andheri complex.... and Aneek who got in the running train as per Ismail Darbar wins the show ...

raja Hasan and Aneek share smiles and 13 lakhs votes made a difference..... wow it was great ......


  1. thanks a bunch sameer! this was really helpful.
    yeah..just dont like the himesh demeanour..o'wise aneek is good. but raja was my fave.
    anyway, gnite!!

  2. sorry sameer..quick Q -at some point of your regular life, is it possible to just write(in regular, standardized way)what these numbers mean:
    3.65 crore = ? (3,650,000 ? 3.65 million?)
    then what's ''3, 65, 89134''?
    is it 36,589,134 (36 million +)
    gosh am confused. shall get outta here!

  3. ahh.... sure... thought the live blogging was making it tough for me to see and write..... but I shall try

  4. thanks sameer. just that the indian way of saying lakh and crore confuses me. thanks for demystifying...