Oct 15, 2007

Amanat Ali walks out been proud

Amanat ali who was 3rd in the recent saregamapa finals where the show lasted for 6 months walks out proud after the results... though his mentor Ismail darbar opening the face to a new controversy with Aneek dhar and reality shows , Amanat ali took courage to mention that he has learnt a lot and he appreciates every single vote that came to him from India or outside... getting support of more than 34 million people was not easy....

Amanat who always has received less votes from India thinks that he was still happy to get whatever votes he recieved from India... though it wasnt very great to not win but it was more good to be a part of the last 3.... Amanat who calls Aneek as his younger brother also said that he would be happy to be a part of the Indian entertainment world...

Well boy it needs courage to accept loss... and at a great stage like this accepting the loss is real courage...


  1. These idiots can come up with all the conspiracy theories they want....makes no difference.Whoever is truthful to themselves knows that Aneek was more consistent than Raja.Even Amanat was more consistent than Raja.Aneek is most deserving winner based on immaculate singing, Raja is a brilliant singer but had a few hiccups along the way with incorrect song choices etc. His strength is folk songs whereas Aneek has a much wider diverse range.The only unfair part about this show is that Amanat was placed third...i did expect that though since he is from pakistan and Indian voters are very biased.

  2. hey guyz..

    ISMAIL DARBAR is mad .. :lol2: …now u can say hez suffering from Split personality :party: coz …hez gharana cudnt win the saregama so hez trying to get attraction toward himself….i dont knw whatz wrong with saregamapa tat they gav Ismail darbar .a . :clown: ..judge position…even he hardly get single film…. :lol2: ..n .hez like dramebaz….. :party:
    Now he need money coz .n.show is over..now how hez gong to get the money…tat d thing going in his mind ..i think coz of tat…hez tryng get involved in media……
    hez really foolish . :clown: …i think he forgot wat happend on saregama 2005 final…..how debojit..won…on tat time he ddnt say anything…hez jus tryng making newz…..

    but all the best ID you will get some money or publicity .. :party: .all the best for

    :party: :party: :party:
    :party: :party: :party:
    —-> EK HUNDUSTANI :angel: