Oct 29, 2007

Aamir Khan moves one step ahead with Taare Zameen par

With the world busy trying to promote the movies amongst the Hindi audience .... Aamir khan understands and feels the need and importance of having his songs and movies understandable by the Indians who not necessarily understand Hindi and the world outside who has always appreciated better movies only when translated for themm... Yes so Aamir is going to make sure that the lyrics in the begining will be understood by non hindi audience for Taare Zameen Par

I am happy and thankful to Aamir that a request I have been making to various directors through whatever contacts I had is finally been understood and taken over without been told ;) So the news for you is that Aamir in a recent blog post on his Blog says

Over the next few days what I plan to do is to translate the songs into English. This is for the benefit of those of you who don’t speak Hindustani, or for those who need a little help. I feel the lyrics are really special and I would like to help you enjoy them. Initially I wanted the translations to be included with the lyrics in the CD and Cassette, but we were running out of space. So, currently only the original lyrics are printed in the CD and Cassette packaging. If I do one song a day, by the 3rd I should be able to post the lot of them together. The lyrics will also be available on the TZP website.

Wow... Aamir this is sensitive... I am glad that my Boss would be happy to hear since he had always missed good mvoies due to the lack of subtitles... and I understand how important is was for him when I had my documentary with sub titles...

So back to the post... Aamir is moving the competition to the Globe and beyond with this... yes the audience is not only Hindi speaking but we Indians are going to make the world understand what our movies mean to us and to everyone....

Well Done Aamir... Keep the spirit up


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