Sep 21, 2007

Sumedha voted out of saregamapa

So finally the chattisgarh star USmedha karmaye is voted out of the challenge 2007 of saregama. It wasnt a good end for the show however it went superb for the chattisgarh based sumedha who had been excellent since the last 20 weeks in saregamapa. Sumedha who comes from Eklavya family finally into the Bhappi lahri Josh gharana has the sweetest voice and looks in the show and was copnsidered to be a frontrunner in the show.

While Poonam Yadav and sumedha were in the danger zone with Raja Hasan topping the voting this week followed by Aneek and Amanat who were likely to have the sword on them were happy today. Sumedha's exit bought a disappointment on bhappi lahri's face who promised sumedha to do a show in chattisgarh but the fun part of the show was Vishal - Shekhars request to sumedha to do a recording for there future Yashraj banner movie next week.

So though sumedha exits the show of saregamapa she is entering the industry with a rock bang...


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