Sep 29, 2007

Poonam Yadav voted out of saregamapa

The funkiest and the coolest but the only girl in the show, who came fighting all the odds and was just about to be counted as one of the finalists had been voted out of the saregamapa show. Also in an attempt to make the process more clear since this week on the saregamapa team has decided to disclose the votings done to the contestants... both from India and Abroad...

Poonam Yadav who secured 12 Lakh + votes was just 24 thousand votes behind Amanat ali from pakistan who got the least number of votes from India and 3rd highest votes from the overseas... Though the eliminations now will be stpped which will mean that the 13th October final to be held will give a couple of performances for all 3 contestants.... and hopefully will generate the best singer for the industry.. while Poonam Yadav whose mother was present in the show was disappointed but surprisingly no tears came from her eyes as she embarked that the goal was achieved.

Poonam : No matter what happens here you are still a fighter Ideal for all the girls and you have a job offer anyways from Lalu prasad yadav and Ismail Darbar....

Below is the vote count for the saregemapa 28th september show..

India Votes

1. Raja Hasan : 9 lakh 46 thousand
2. Aneek Dhar : 8 lak 96 thousand
3. Poonam Yadav : 8 Lakh 30 thousand (tentative)
4. Amanat Ali : 7 lakh 78 thousand

Over sears votes
1. Aneek Dhar : 5 lakh 12 thousand
2. Raja Hasan : 4 lakh 20 thousand
3. Amanat Ali : 4 lakh +
4. Poonam Yadav 3 lakhs +

Looking at the votes though they appear less in this round as compared to the 7 crore votes recieved by Indian Idol contestants it looks like it will be compensated in the final few rounds...


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