Sep 17, 2007

Indian Idol finals on 23rd September

Prashant Thamang and Amit Paul will be fighting the war all through this week from Monday until saturday to finally go up in the finale round on september 23rd. The finals are supposedly to happen at Andheri and is likely to invite thousands of Amit Paul and Prashant Thamang fans... While the Sony TV is all set to show the finale week all through 17th september until 23rd the voting lines for the Indian Idol finalists are open until 23rd september 6 PM and the results are to be declared at 9:00 PM IST.

While the fans from all over the country have started voting madly and badly ... it seems that the service providers are going to make a lot of money in this is also said that Amit Paul who now is the Brand Ambassador for the state of meghalaya and the assamese rock star prashant who is gaining lot of support from nepal and Assam along with West Bengal... is likely to genrate more than a few hundred thousands of SMS votes.

Lets review each day performance and see who leads the votes until 23rd september in Indian Idol to emerge the real winner...


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