Sep 22, 2007

Himesh Reshammiya has a grudge on Raja Hasan?

It has been last 5 weeks since Raja Hasan who had been performing excellent be it the comedy round or be it the traditional singing has been under fire from the Rock gharana mentor Himesh Reshammiya ... while it is not known why the nasal singer has a grudge on him but the most predominant fact I see from the show is that Himesh is worried about Aneek dhar the only contestant from Himesh's mentorship is likely to be ruled out in favour of Raja Hasan.

It is also noticable that Vishal - Shekhar the BluffMaster duo who are giving music for the Shahrukh khan special Om Shanti Om are taking the comments very positively and preparing Raja Hasan accordingly... now with the exit of Sumedha from saregamapa the top 4 will have a tuff time and the next one according to me to go is either Aneek or Amanat ali... though it is seen that Raja will gather the required public support and poonam who is a better performer will leave Amanat and Aneek who havent been really killing in the eyes of the public will have to face the sword.... lets hope that the best performers win and the ones that have the not so good performance are considered with their old performances....

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  1. Actually, histrionics and dramatics is part of Himmesh's presence - we have seen it earlier in 2005 saregamapa also. But I feel Raja's singing quality is actually falling performance with his stress on performance going up. I feel he should concentrate on singing more. In my opinion, he is a better singer than what is coming out of him now. At current levels, he deserves to be GONE. As for Annek, I do feel, he is a better singer than Raja. Aneek is probably the best of the lot maybe apart from Poonam. I was completely blown by Aneek's performance of the Padosan song. With Mussarat gone, Aneek is truly the best of the lot.