Sep 8, 2007

Emon chatterjee leaves Indian Idol with a rocking note

Emon chatterjee finally flew back to the home town after loosing in the top 3 round for calcutta... Emon been a hot favourite has caused an upset in the show with the Indian Idol Finale round calling Emon and all other performers in the past to be a part of the show.. however it seems that Emon is not much affected by his exit now.. since the show has already earned him lot of fame and chances to be selected as a singer from a couple of guys in the industry...

While Emon left with some dhamakedar songs .. his exit sounded very upsetting.. but the tears were shaded in the smiles as soon as he started singing on the exit note... been just 18 and staying in Emon is a popular figure on internet forums and lot of people looking for Emon chatterjee's email, phone number, Yahoo / orkut or myspace profiles... lets see how the social netowrk fan clubs matter Emon chatterjees succes.s.


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