Sep 10, 2007

Emon chatterjee calls indian Idol exit Fair

On his way back home the 17 yr old Sonu Nigam replica Emon chatterjee feels that surely Amit Paul and Prashant are surely talented and deserves to be in the finals... though it doesnt mean that he dont deserve its just that the votes he got were a bit low due to the fact that everyone thought that Emon chatterjee will be the hot favourite.

Emon chatterjee has nothing to blame with the people who voted around 50 lakh votes in 12 hours or less for the 3 contestants... leaving Amit Paul to be the highest vote earner.... around 25 lakh votes?

While Indian Idol management doesnt want to disclose the number of votes shared between the 3 ... it is but obvious looking at the Meghalaya crowd that supported Amit Paul and the calcutta crowd that supported Prashant thamang that Emon chatterjee stood no where in the race...

Good Luck Emon


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