Sep 1, 2007

Ankita Mishra voted out of Indian Idol finally

SO it just took a weeks delay and Myang Chang's exit from the show that Ankita Mishra is finally been voted out of the show... this also shows that the relaity shows do not really mean real talent... specially becuase it appears that Ankita Mishra's voting out and exit from Indian Idol comes due to the fact that Prashant is still in the fray..

Prashant who has been always in the safe mode since the begining of the voting system is a threat to Amit Paul and Emon chatterjee who are the real talent of the show.

Ankita Mishra has bad luck in her favour which caused her second exit from the Indian Idol 3 and leaving Emon Chatterjee , Amit Paul and Prashant in the top 3.


  1. its the power vested in the people and no one can do anything. if the voting thing is scraped out, sony's indian idol show would lose its meaning and the show would never be hosted again. So leave it to the people and let them vote for their favorite contestant. Real talent hunt is saregama and voi, but one thing is there, only the trained ones go to those shows and indian idol is about all and from all walks of life. i like this idea.

  2. Well I dont see it as voting for favourite contestants... I think the favourite contestant scheme should be applied only till they shorlist the top few candidates... and then the voting should have a ratio.... I dont see why prashant should be in the top 5? Just becuase he is a cop and the cop community is voting him like anything? honestly if you have to compare between Ankita, Prashant or Amit who do you think is the weakest?

    Well the voting is not bad the idea of generating a region, caste, language based bias is bad... and that is what we are nurturing more into the kids...