Sep 28, 2007

Aneek Dhar , Poonam or Raja Hasan who will go out of saregamapa today?

The 28th september show will be a fun blazing but disappointing show with expectaion of one contestant getting out of the saregamapa show... the Top 4 are healthy competitors and after Sumedha's exit last week it looks like the competition will not be very easy left. Poonam Yadav the UP based power house as she is called has a flambount voice however the competition has better voices.. so it appears that Poonam Yadav, Aneek Dhar and Raja Hasan will be competing for the danger zone today .. while it is likely that Amanat ali cannot be spared too.. it is a bit tight specially due to his better performances last week.

Lets hope that the best one stays in the show today to perform better tomorrow...


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