Sep 7, 2007

Amit Paul and Emon Chatterjee fight for a place in finals?

Well it looks like this time the competion in the Top 3 of the Indian Idol is only going to be within Amit Paul and Emon chatterjee not to decide the winner but to find a place in the next finals... it looks like Prashant has undoubtedly met the finals of the Indian Idol cause of the support he is gathering from the eastern part of the country... while Amit Paul and Emon also come from east the support with the policeman is more...

Emon and Amit are at the best likes of the girls and feminine crowd which appear to have been voting more... atleast after the exit of Myang chang who was the highest girls voted contestant.

Lets hope the finals is in the best of 2 and not in 1 best and one who has more support....


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