Sep 13, 2007

Amanat Ali, Musarrat Abbas and Sumedha Karmaye who will be voted out?

It seems that the Top 6 in the saregamapa challenge 2007 will have lot of competition through... with Raja Hasan been not so good yet will earn the public votes, however out of Amanat Ali, Musarrat Abbas, Aneek Dhar, poonam yadav and Sumedha Karmaye... it looks like the 2 pakistani participants along with sumedha who was in the danger zone last week will still face the ryths of public votes and will be in the danger zone... while personally I wont prefer any of these contestants going out it is likely that poonam yadav might also have to face the danger zone...

Out of the first 6 todays episode will definately see one singer going ... I would prefer Sumedha going due to lack of versatality in singing.. while Musarrat remaing my second option to let go due to singing only in a particular Jonner...

Lets see what happens today when the Top 6 compete for the Top 5 place in the saregamapa


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