Sep 30, 2007

Jhalak Dikhlaja is a wonderful show

With One celebrity and one choreographer dancing on the tunes of the rock hit bollywood tunes.. they danced on the theme of Salsa and Bollywood one each.... the boys performed on the saturday preceeded by the girls on the friday...

It looks like Mika Singh, Ram gir Negi, Ronit roy, Cyrus broacha, Aadesh srivastava and Jay bhanushali.. who rocked the show with terrific performances the girls were no behing with Sandhya Mridul, Sudha Chandran, Mini Mathur, SOnali Kulkarni , Prachi Desai and Tapur were amazing too... It seems like it will be the rocking show with Jeetendra, Shiamak Davar and Urmila judging on the performance with a yard stick the contestants working too hard to earn the 50 lakhs and a car.....

Nach Baliye 3 begins with the first elimination

With Puja Bedi and Haneef, Shakti and Shivani Kapoor and Ritu and Kiran from the nach baliye been the top 3 contestants who appeared in the danger zone it was Kiran (Hero of the My Friend Ganesha movie) and his Air hostess wife had been voted out of the 3rd season of the nach baliye with Hussain and Tina announcing the eliminated couple....

The show was great and sooner Nach Baliye 3 videos and photos will be available on this blog

saregamapa on 29th september rocked with Om shanti Om Team

Farah Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shreyas Talpade and the King Khan in the background.... when every one except the king khan visited on the saregamapa sets the contestants and their future rocked with dazzling performances....It was the show of the season with Amanat Ali singing Aakhon mein teri ajab si ajab si song which is the favourite of Farah Khan which was followed by Aneek dhar introducing the sonu nigam Kaynat mein tujh sa koi haseen nahee and the last rocking performance by Raja hasan who sung the Dard-e-disco song and made the crowd and the audience rock and dance on their tunes....

SRK or SHahrukh Khan who was visited by the 3 contestatnts later sung the Dil se favourites for SRK... with Amanat singing Mitwa from the Kabhi Alvida na kehna rockit... and Raja Hasant dancing on the tunes of Chaiyya Chaiyya ... aneek dhar was better with the mike singing the asoka.....

Sep 29, 2007

Zee SAREGAMAPA LIL Champs to be auditioned

Here is the rough schedule of the auditions for the Zee saregamapa lil champs... if you or your kids below age of 13 want to be a part of the lil champs you can be here for the auditions of the saregamapa lil champs

25th Sept. 07 Ahmedabad Dinesh Hall, Near Income Tax Circle,Ashram Road,Ahmedabad
Contact No: 09376618183

29th Sept. 07 Mumbai

SAREGAMAPA Finals on 13th October

Be it Mumbai or Be it the Pragatai Maidan... the finals of the saregamapa challenge are going to rock.... I will be soon posting the details to grab the passes and tickets on the blog for the show passes and tickets of the finals of the saregamapa finals to be held on 13th october....

Poonam Yadav looses but wins hearts

Poonam Yadav the girl with steel power and herself been a pocket size powerhouse... has won lot of hearts specially after the fact been revealed that poonam yadav had adopted a 12 yr old girl already... promised the glamour in the industry when the adopted girl was asked about her Mom she expressed that she loves poonam and the fact that she is the best mom....

Hats off to poonam to take a decission at this age that we at a bigger stage cannot take.... Poonam Yadav is truely a winner...

Wild Card entries of Voice of India on 29th september

Aabhas, Sumitra, Toshi, Hushpreet , Mirande will all be performing in the Wild Card zone to qualify for the actual wild card contestants.... lets see if Aabhas who had shown lot of promises in the show comes up as a new competitor to Irfan and others in the show... while it is remarkable that the judges chose Toshi as a wild card contestant... toshi is the same guy who had been created lot of hype and fun in the initial part of the show...

Lets see what Voice of India has to bring in the competition using the wild card entries to have another TOP 5 rounds....

Sumitra from Voice of India voted out

So Abhilasha and Irfan were able to hop the sword of elimination from the top 5 due to the fact that people decided to opt out Sumitra the top 5th contestant from the Voice of India... thought the wild card entry as proposed by the judges was accepted and Toshi, Aabhas, Sumitra and Hushpreet were the ones among a few others to compete for the wild card entry... Abhijeet and Alka Yagniks comments about Ishmeet singh was the weakest and should be voted was enough hurting to Ishmit singh who was one of the danger zone entries along with Sumitra and Abhilasha...

What a savior it was for abhilasha with people voting sumitra out.... lets see who qualifies for the wild card on 29th september..

Poonam Yadav voted out of saregamapa

The funkiest and the coolest but the only girl in the show, who came fighting all the odds and was just about to be counted as one of the finalists had been voted out of the saregamapa show. Also in an attempt to make the process more clear since this week on the saregamapa team has decided to disclose the votings done to the contestants... both from India and Abroad...

Poonam Yadav who secured 12 Lakh + votes was just 24 thousand votes behind Amanat ali from pakistan who got the least number of votes from India and 3rd highest votes from the overseas... Though the eliminations now will be stpped which will mean that the 13th October final to be held will give a couple of performances for all 3 contestants.... and hopefully will generate the best singer for the industry.. while Poonam Yadav whose mother was present in the show was disappointed but surprisingly no tears came from her eyes as she embarked that the goal was achieved.

Poonam : No matter what happens here you are still a fighter Ideal for all the girls and you have a job offer anyways from Lalu prasad yadav and Ismail Darbar....

Below is the vote count for the saregemapa 28th september show..

India Votes

1. Raja Hasan : 9 lakh 46 thousand
2. Aneek Dhar : 8 lak 96 thousand
3. Poonam Yadav : 8 Lakh 30 thousand (tentative)
4. Amanat Ali : 7 lakh 78 thousand

Over sears votes
1. Aneek Dhar : 5 lakh 12 thousand
2. Raja Hasan : 4 lakh 20 thousand
3. Amanat Ali : 4 lakh +
4. Poonam Yadav 3 lakhs +

Looking at the votes though they appear less in this round as compared to the 7 crore votes recieved by Indian Idol contestants it looks like it will be compensated in the final few rounds...

Sep 28, 2007

Voice of India who will be out today?

Abhilasha, Irfan , Harshit or Ishmit if not Sumitra... well the competiotion is tuff and with Sanjay dutt on the show it is like fun frolic...

This time it is expected that one of the contestatnts on 28th september will be voted out... while my guesses are more towards Abhilasha and Sumitra mainly due to the fact that Harshit and Irfan have been very good and Ishmit has been performing and geting enough votes to be safe always..

While I see the danger to be on Sumitra and Abhilasha ... the likes of people can also get Irfan and Harshit in the fray... hope the best stays...

Aneek Dhar , Poonam or Raja Hasan who will go out of saregamapa today?

The 28th september show will be a fun blazing but disappointing show with expectaion of one contestant getting out of the saregamapa show... the Top 4 are healthy competitors and after Sumedha's exit last week it looks like the competition will not be very easy left. Poonam Yadav the UP based power house as she is called has a flambount voice however the competition has better voices.. so it appears that Poonam Yadav, Aneek Dhar and Raja Hasan will be competing for the danger zone today .. while it is likely that Amanat ali cannot be spared too.. it is a bit tight specially due to his better performances last week.

Lets hope that the best one stays in the show today to perform better tomorrow...

Sep 24, 2007

Prashant Tamang wins Hearts and 1 crore

The latest Indian Idol has won 1 crore contract , 1 Maruti Sx4 and lots of hearts all over the country... given the opportunity is expected to do good in the field of singing and Amit Paul the loosing counterpart will be shadowed like Amit sana the Indian Idol finalists who lost the battle to ABheejeet Sawant...

Good Lucj prashant Tamang ...

Sep 22, 2007

Jhalak Dikhlaja 2 kicks off in style

With another set of celebrity - choreographer pairs Jhalak Dikhlaja 2 has kicked off in style yesterday with the top 12 pairs from varaince of celeb world... strong contestants for thhis show that runs on sonty tv from 28th september 8 PM includes:

1. Sandhya Mridul - The Honeymoon travels pvt ltd fame
2. Mika SIngh - The Indian Pop Star who supposedly *iised rakhi sawant
3. Prachi Desai - Bani from Kasam se
4. Ronit Roy - The Tv Star
5. Sonali Kulkarini - The DIl chahta hai star
6. Sudha chandran - the Movie star who rocks on TV as ramola these days
7. Aadesh Srivastava - the Music director
8. Mini Mathur - The TV host of Indian Idol 3

and the rest to star with profiles in my next blog... while jahalak dikhlaja is going to take lot of energy and time from the celebs the format of the show is going to make it more interesting with expectedly Mona singh giving the introductions and the hosts undisclosed.

Amit Paul believes in Love , Performance and God

Amit Paul when interviewed before the results today said that he believes in his performances, love and support of the indian crowd and Gods grace.... though his mothers and family's wishes are strongly with him he feels that its the gods grace and the peoples support that will help him get through this...

Amit Paul who entered through the wild card round feels that he has not much to loose specially because he was already out of the competition and has only peoples support to bring him here...

Amit Paul all set t become Indian Idol?

Well its been a few hours left to stop the voting and it clearly looks like the nepalese star prashant Tamang who has generated a lot of vote in the past few days is likely to make vote for the Guwahati Star Amit Paul... Amit Paul is been keenly voted from all over the country while Prashant is getting lot of votes from the eastern part of the country...

As far as performances is considered many celebrities including Bipasha basu, Sakshi Talwar, Mini Mathur, Annu Malick, Javed Akhtar have always voted for Amit Paul... the likely negative voting for Amit for missing some true lines and lyrics can cause some negative votes...

It is expected that millions of votes will be sent in favour of the 2 finalists of Indian idol 3.. Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang are in any case likely to make a big stage in the pragati maidan of Delhi.

Himesh Reshammiya has a grudge on Raja Hasan?

It has been last 5 weeks since Raja Hasan who had been performing excellent be it the comedy round or be it the traditional singing has been under fire from the Rock gharana mentor Himesh Reshammiya ... while it is not known why the nasal singer has a grudge on him but the most predominant fact I see from the show is that Himesh is worried about Aneek dhar the only contestant from Himesh's mentorship is likely to be ruled out in favour of Raja Hasan.

It is also noticable that Vishal - Shekhar the BluffMaster duo who are giving music for the Shahrukh khan special Om Shanti Om are taking the comments very positively and preparing Raja Hasan accordingly... now with the exit of Sumedha from saregamapa the top 4 will have a tuff time and the next one according to me to go is either Aneek or Amanat ali... though it is seen that Raja will gather the required public support and poonam who is a better performer will leave Amanat and Aneek who havent been really killing in the eyes of the public will have to face the sword.... lets hope that the best performers win and the ones that have the not so good performance are considered with their old performances....

Prashant Tamang is the new Indian Idol

Finally people voted for favourites and not talent.... and Prashant Tamang is the new Indian Idol... while I am not so very happy with the results since I was expecting Amit Paul to be the indian idol for his clear and cool voice and performances... it is now accepted that Prashant wins the 1 crore contract and the SX4 vehicle from Maruti.. while Amit has to be happy with the SX4 only...

Sep 21, 2007

Sumedha voted out of saregamapa

So finally the chattisgarh star USmedha karmaye is voted out of the challenge 2007 of saregama. It wasnt a good end for the show however it went superb for the chattisgarh based sumedha who had been excellent since the last 20 weeks in saregamapa. Sumedha who comes from Eklavya family finally into the Bhappi lahri Josh gharana has the sweetest voice and looks in the show and was copnsidered to be a frontrunner in the show.

While Poonam Yadav and sumedha were in the danger zone with Raja Hasan topping the voting this week followed by Aneek and Amanat who were likely to have the sword on them were happy today. Sumedha's exit bought a disappointment on bhappi lahri's face who promised sumedha to do a show in chattisgarh but the fun part of the show was Vishal - Shekhars request to sumedha to do a recording for there future Yashraj banner movie next week.

So though sumedha exits the show of saregamapa she is entering the industry with a rock bang...

Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira shah fight before Nach Baliye 3 kicks off

So before the Nach Baliye 3 which is supposed to kickoff today at 8 PM has created enough of face controversy... and yes this time its the same girl.. Rakhi Sawant.. the controversy was last shown on India TV a leading news channel showing Rakhi sawant in huge cries....

The allegation made on the TV channel stated that Rakhi commented and allegated that Kashmira made personal remarks over her Breast Transplants and Silicon been removed.... allegations also mention that Kashmira Shah with whom Rakhi sawant had enough of fights in the Big Boss TV show stated that Rakhi will allegedly not get enough work or will not be seen as mush as she used to attract people earlier...

God knows what happened but for me it sounds like another TRP stunt to get the show a rock hit in terms of competition when Jhalak Diklaja is also on its way..

Sumedha, Raja or Amaanat who will be voted out from saregamapa today?

The war has begun and the top 5 will be placed under a sword that can bang on them any time.... while I feel this time it will be on the barbie doll from chattisgarh Sumedha Karmaye.... it is not going to be a surprise to see Amaanat the last time vote leader and Raja Hasan in the danger zone...

Well SUmedha had been an excellent performer but unlike to poonam yadav she lacks the typical glaze that poonam has got... while Raja should be counting on the public support he is getting from all over it seems that he can be safe with votes at least this time...

Time for Raja Hasan, Poonam and Aneek dhar to settle up the best and perform better or you never know what the public vote for...

Sep 17, 2007

Amit Paul : A Singer , A Generation Icon

It seems that Indian Idol 3 is already rocking hard with the 2 finalists really fighting neck on neck to achieve what they call is the Singer of the season.... while I see Amit Paul as the best singer in the Indian Idol.. I am not sure if he matches the qualioty of other singers like Aneek Dhar, Raja Hasan, Poonam Yadav and Amanat Ali or to the likes of Ishmit singh or Harshit... well whatever it is.... Amit Paul is already a celebrity and several programs including some fund raisers and some Award functions are on his way....

While the voting might have chances to deny him the Indian Idol highest ranks... it is also likely that he will certainly impress the corwds for votes based on his excellent and fabolous singing.

Indian Idol finals on 23rd September

Prashant Thamang and Amit Paul will be fighting the war all through this week from Monday until saturday to finally go up in the finale round on september 23rd. The finals are supposedly to happen at Andheri and is likely to invite thousands of Amit Paul and Prashant Thamang fans... While the Sony TV is all set to show the finale week all through 17th september until 23rd the voting lines for the Indian Idol finalists are open until 23rd september 6 PM and the results are to be declared at 9:00 PM IST.

While the fans from all over the country have started voting madly and badly ... it seems that the service providers are going to make a lot of money in this is also said that Amit Paul who now is the Brand Ambassador for the state of meghalaya and the assamese rock star prashant who is gaining lot of support from nepal and Assam along with West Bengal... is likely to genrate more than a few hundred thousands of SMS votes.

Lets review each day performance and see who leads the votes until 23rd september in Indian Idol to emerge the real winner...

Sep 15, 2007

John Abraham and Bipasha partner Amit Paul and Prashant on Indian Idol

Wow.. what a rocking show it will be ... when John Abraham rocks with Bipasha on the Indian Idol.. and the occasion is the Finale of the Indian Idol... while the question is hitting everyones mind that who is the Indian Idol 3.. it appears that Prashant Thamang will be generating a lot of votes from his home town and the far east....the whole of Nepal and west bengal where he is a cop in the calcutta police force while Amit Paul is expected to gather votes from his fan following and the east it appears that Amit paul is sounding to be a better singer and performer while votes favour Prashant....

on the 14th september where it was a combination finale of the earlier performances with Karishma today 15th september it looks like it will be a rocking show with John and Bipasha teaming with Amit and Prashant respectively....

Husain and Mini will have the pleasure to host the rocking show for the final round and the judges comments wil cause a lot of votes this time...

Lets see if Amit paul is the Indian Idol or Prashant Thamang the cop from calcutta wins the Indian Idol 3

Mirande is voted out of VOI

On the cost of Irrfan and Abhilasha the exotic singer from the east belt Mirande was voted out of the show when all of them performed so cool for the theme senior citizens. With all eyes wet and an unexpected verdict that bought Harshit, Abhas, Abhilasha and Mirande in the danger chakravyuh.. it was mirande whose jpurney was called off by public...

Still there is lot to go in the show with Harshit and Ishmit enjoying the pleasure to be in the run and the Top 6 will be killing performance.. a rocking show is expected today on 15th september

Musarrat Abbas voted out of saregamapa

So the guesses did not go wrong... a controversial verdict was hyped and musarrat Abbas the pakistani singer had to leave saregamapa since he did not get as many votes as Raja Hasan did. Well it was expected.... Musarrat who on Himesh Reshammiyas request sung the comic kishor kumar song in Nusrat Fateh Ali khan yonner was finally voted out... surprisingly Amanat Ali was the top 1 and as expected Sumedha Karmak and Raja Hasan were in the danger zone...

Today the saregamapa team performs with the Dhol sprit and it is expected that the angry Himesh who had a huge fight with Vishal Shekhar and Bhappi Lahri will create some more nuisance in the show

Sep 14, 2007

Voice of India sees Irfan , Ishmit or Aabhash been voted out?

Well with the voting scenario been tickling high but the competition left behind by miles it appears that Ishmit , Aabhash and Irfan will be having a tough time this week and one of them is the potential descope or exit from the Voice of India on 14th september... though to the likes of judges and audience it appears that all 3 are consistent performers still the axe of the voting system might hurt someone somewhere....

Well lets see what happens today and hope that the performances will be cool and healthy and the best will still be in the fray

Sep 13, 2007

Amanat Ali, Musarrat Abbas and Sumedha Karmaye who will be voted out?

It seems that the Top 6 in the saregamapa challenge 2007 will have lot of competition through... with Raja Hasan been not so good yet will earn the public votes, however out of Amanat Ali, Musarrat Abbas, Aneek Dhar, poonam yadav and Sumedha Karmaye... it looks like the 2 pakistani participants along with sumedha who was in the danger zone last week will still face the ryths of public votes and will be in the danger zone... while personally I wont prefer any of these contestants going out it is likely that poonam yadav might also have to face the danger zone...

Out of the first 6 todays episode will definately see one singer going ... I would prefer Sumedha going due to lack of versatality in singing.. while Musarrat remaing my second option to let go due to singing only in a particular Jonner...

Lets see what happens today when the Top 6 compete for the Top 5 place in the saregamapa

Sep 11, 2007

Emon chatterjee performances in Indian Idol

With the courtesy of here is the list of performances from Emon chatterjee so far in the Indian Idol

Emon chatterjee rocks on the Shahrukh Khan dazzling hit from Yes Boss Chand Taare tod laaoo Watch Video

Emon chatterjee on the Karan Johar directed Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bacchan fame Mitwa from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna -> Watch Video

Emon Chatterjee goes old with the Aaoo twist kare from the oldi goldie R.D Burman hit Bhoot Bangla - Watch Video

Emon chatterjee on the Eena Meena Deekha from the film Aasha sung by Kishore kumar

Emon chatterjee cannot control been a partner of the superhit partner film Do you wana partner - Watch Video

Emon chatterjee , Abhishek Kumar and Puja chatterjee rocks on the padosan song with the make over ek chatur naar - Watch Video

Padosan doesnt leave Emon with a Meri Pyaari Bindu rocks yet again a RD hit - Watch Video

Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor with the tunes of Govinda and Akshay Khanna with a support from Sohail Khan and John Abraham all mean 6 love stories and one super hit song... Salaam-e-Ishq title from emon chatterjee - Watch Video

Aamir Khan and Udit Narayan were as good as emon in the Woh Sikander hi Doston from Jo Jeeta wohi Sikander - Watch Video

O Majee re from an SD superhit khushbu very well sung by emon - Watch Video

Piya re Piya re could not have been sung more better than Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saahab .. but an attempt from emon was not bad - Watch Video

Suno na Suno naa from Chalte Chalte was as good as sung by Abhijeet... Emon cannot have better comments than this? - Watch Video

bijuria bijuria from Sonu Nigam from the the replica emon -- Watch Video

Rabba mere rabba yet again an anu malik song from emon - Watch Video

Chaudhvi ka chaand hai in the soft voice of emon - Watch Video

Dil Mangta hai from mujse shaadi karogi... was emon asking this to someone? emon bangs - Watch Video

Teri deewani by Kailasha and now by Emon made everyone deewana - - Watch Video

Emon Chatterjee long way to go

Emon chatterjee has a long way to go... after his visit last week to the home town calcutta and his successfull celeb meeting with Bhaichung Bhutia and Biswajeet the lead bengali actor... it seems that Emon chatterjee will have long way to run in his singing career with rumours saying that he already has got some offers from TV and other shows...

with Prashant and Amit Paul fighting for the top place it looks like emon is already enjoying the celebrity status with thousands gathered to receieve him on the airport...

Well Well Well... Long way to go Emon but what a start to catch up the way...

Sep 10, 2007

Mauli Dave has so much to gain in saregamapa

The fabolous Teen Miss Texas from USA with an indian origin Mauli dave is a hot commodity today not only on the internet but also on the Indian Telvesion market... Mauli dave was performing in the Zee Astitva Awards the Awards given by Z TV for the excellent female personilities in different field was a celebrity standard performance... Mauli Dave who caught the eyes of the Indian Audience with the rock star performance of Maiyya Maiyya from Guru in her first ever appearance on the show has caused a tremendous upset in the Show specially affecting badly to the Bhappi Lahri and his Josh gharana.

However it is not much to loose what Mauli dave has to say.. she already have offers and have been recorded for some songs from some top notch music composers and is about to make her debut in the Bollywood with a bang.

Mauli dave a 18 yr old contestant who is now with her uncle staying in Ahmedabad is yet to decide on the future but all we can see a new singer with erotic and seductive voice going to rock the Indian music arena pretty soon...

Mauli Dave calls for a cheers...

Emon chatterjee calls indian Idol exit Fair

On his way back home the 17 yr old Sonu Nigam replica Emon chatterjee feels that surely Amit Paul and Prashant are surely talented and deserves to be in the finals... though it doesnt mean that he dont deserve its just that the votes he got were a bit low due to the fact that everyone thought that Emon chatterjee will be the hot favourite.

Emon chatterjee has nothing to blame with the people who voted around 50 lakh votes in 12 hours or less for the 3 contestants... leaving Amit Paul to be the highest vote earner.... around 25 lakh votes?

While Indian Idol management doesnt want to disclose the number of votes shared between the 3 ... it is but obvious looking at the Meghalaya crowd that supported Amit Paul and the calcutta crowd that supported Prashant thamang that Emon chatterjee stood no where in the race...

Good Luck Emon

Sep 8, 2007

Emon chatterjee leaves Indian Idol with a rocking note

Emon chatterjee finally flew back to the home town after loosing in the top 3 round for calcutta... Emon been a hot favourite has caused an upset in the show with the Indian Idol Finale round calling Emon and all other performers in the past to be a part of the show.. however it seems that Emon is not much affected by his exit now.. since the show has already earned him lot of fame and chances to be selected as a singer from a couple of guys in the industry...

While Emon left with some dhamakedar songs .. his exit sounded very upsetting.. but the tears were shaded in the smiles as soon as he started singing on the exit note... been just 18 and staying in Emon is a popular figure on internet forums and lot of people looking for Emon chatterjee's email, phone number, Yahoo / orkut or myspace profiles... lets see how the social netowrk fan clubs matter Emon chatterjees succes.s.

Nach Baliye 3 starts September

So after a rocking introductory show... the Nach Baliye 3 will be kicked off excellently in September 28th week.... with the view of Ganesh Chturthy and Ramzan... it seems that the show will rock..

Nach Baliye is scheduled on Star One on Friday and Saturday at 8 PM and is considered to be with the rocking tri judges...

Priyani Wani voted out of Voice of India VOI

So finally the hard eliminations in all 3 talent shows have begun... this time it was 3 rock stars ... Priyani Wani , emon chatterjee and Mauli Dave... all 3 been good singers were been voted out... while Indian Idol it is not a so big shock becuase finally one contestant has to win and it was left with 3... in saregamapa it was with the Top 6.... while VOI is still in a crucial stage and Irfan, Aabhash, Ismit and others doing very good in VOI it was difficult for Priyani Wani to come back and win or survive for long inspite of sheer and cool talent...

Priyani Wani though been cool was highly appreciated by Anil Kapoor, Akshay Khanna and ohers...

Emon chatterjee and Indian Idol

The journey for Emon is over... when i saw Amit Pauls fan following in the home town it was clear that Amit paul would be a competition between Prashant Thamang and Emon chatterjee....

oof Emon chatterjee sustains to the cruel voting system of Indian Idol.... one more talent down to the favourism...

Emon chatterjee voted out of Indian Idol 3

So my guesses turn round... while I was expecting that Amit Paul would go out it appeared that the reverse happened keeping Prashant still in the safe zone.. Yes Emon chatterjee the Sonu Nigam lookalike is voted out of Indian Idol 3.

With Amit paul leading the votes this time it was left to Prashant and Emon and Yes the answer was expected.... Emon chatterjee is voted out. Mini mathur's eyes said it all... Jaaved Akhtars ractions were relevant enough.. all these things were though not enought to get Emon chatterjee stay in Indian idol to win Indian Idol by a huge margin...

Emon chatterjee is voted out of Indian Idol.... what a sad thing but Prashant will contest the finals with Amit Paul

Amit Paul likely to go?

Amit Paul today is likely to be voted inspite of sheer and clear talent... The fact that he had been an excellent performer and singer but the false rumours floating around the world saying he is a arrogant brat is hitting his chances of winning the show.

It looks like Emon chatterjee will still survive the likes of the non voters and the myths of the appears that its only Emon or Amit who can have troubles with the votes.

Sep 7, 2007

Amit Paul and Emon Chatterjee fight for a place in finals?

Well it looks like this time the competion in the Top 3 of the Indian Idol is only going to be within Amit Paul and Emon chatterjee not to decide the winner but to find a place in the next finals... it looks like Prashant has undoubtedly met the finals of the Indian Idol cause of the support he is gathering from the eastern part of the country... while Amit Paul and Emon also come from east the support with the policeman is more...

Emon and Amit are at the best likes of the girls and feminine crowd which appear to have been voting more... atleast after the exit of Myang chang who was the highest girls voted contestant.

Lets hope the finals is in the best of 2 and not in 1 best and one who has more support....

Mauli Dave's exit causes an upset

Lot of cries and hues seen over some of the blogs and the websites due to the exit of Mauli dave the Indian version of shakira.... while the voting system for saregamapa seems to be really really voting for talent specially after the exit of harpreet deol last week.. it looks like saregamapa audience and voters are really really cool and want to vote and get the best talent out.

Its also not so easy specially after this weeks performance which might cause some bigger upsets next week since the performances from Amanat Ali and Mussarrat abbas in the comedy round of saregamapa were like average.

Mauli Dave Special

Mauli Dave will be rocking the country to promote saregamapa and some more commodity products all over India pretty soon... The Voice of India and the Indian Shakira settled in USA Mauli Dave is expected by the Pune crowd.

Mauli Dave after voted out today from saregamapa is stil going to rock the crowd with her fabolous performances and singing.

Mauli Dave the Indian Shakira voted out

What a performer... starting with Maiyya Miayya from Guru the hearthrobe who came conquered and today went of the saregemapa challenge is the piece of art to listen. Unfortunately Mauli dave is no more going to be seen on the stage competing for the saregamapa challenge 2007. The very High performer having a seductive voice is already an internet star with lot of Mauli Dave vidoes, pics and profile searches already hitting the search engines badly.

Mauli dave's 2 performances today rocked and shattered the show with Bhappi lahiri making an statement to quit the show. Mauli dave been a very star performer I am sure the glamour of the show is a bit reduced, but fortunately lot of good singers like Sumedha, Raja Hasan, Amanat ali and Poonam Yadav along with the Nusrat Fateh Ali khan dupe Mussaraat abbas still in the show.

Never mind Mauli ... Mauli Dave will stay in hearts...

The Indian Idol Top 3

A very tight competition is expected when the Top 3 of Indian Idol

Emon Chatterjee
Amit Paul

are expected to see each other with some rocking and dazzling performances... its expected that the format of the show would change to bring in lot of variety in the last few moments of the show and the performances to be vivid and variety filled with lot of versatality and change required.

My favourite is Amit Paul and I see him competing very loud with Emon chatterjee... All the Best to Prashant to survive the so called people support

Sep 5, 2007

Thanks to ALL My Teachers

For Teaching me how to be:
Honest, Loyal, Hardworking, Effective, Effecient and above all How to be a Good Human.

Thanks to Shahnaz Miss - Jr and Sr. Kintergarden and 2nd Grade Teacher
Thanks to Aruna Miss my 3rd grade Teacher who taught me that fight is not the solution to problems.
Thanks to Nafisa Miss my 4th grade teacher who taught me not to be arrogant.
Thanks to Ajitha Miss my 5th grade teacher who taught me that Patience can lead me to success
Thanks to Bhaskaran Miss my 6th grade teacher who taught me to be awake when listening to something important.
Thanks to Shamshad Miss 7th for teaching me aggression
Thanks to Naidu Miss 8th grade for teaching me that the first priority should always be your responsibilities
Thanks to Ghatge Sir 9th and 10th grade teacher to make me realise the importance of money
Thanks to Gaikwad Madam my Jr. College accounts teacher who taught me the importance of been true.
Thanks to Ravinder Madam my Computer trainer who taught me how not to judge someone by what someone does.
Thanks to Abida my wife to teach me that loyalty and trust keep the bonds stronger.
Thanks to Mark to teach me what Management means.
Thanks to Every Single Teacher I have dealt with to teach me to what I am today....

A Happy Teachers day to all...


Sep 1, 2007

Poonam Yadav rocks saregamapa

The sizzling performances from Amaanat Ali, Raja Hasan, Mussarrat Abbas, Sumedha Karmahe and Mauli Dave rocked the show ... but the true winner of the show was Poonam yadav who was promised a job in railways from Lalu prasad Yadav on the saregamapa show on Zee TV.

Daler Mehendi's cameo in the show was another limelight in the show.

Ankita Mishra voted out of Indian Idol finally

SO it just took a weeks delay and Myang Chang's exit from the show that Ankita Mishra is finally been voted out of the show... this also shows that the relaity shows do not really mean real talent... specially becuase it appears that Ankita Mishra's voting out and exit from Indian Idol comes due to the fact that Prashant is still in the fray..

Prashant who has been always in the safe mode since the begining of the voting system is a threat to Amit Paul and Emon chatterjee who are the real talent of the show.

Ankita Mishra has bad luck in her favour which caused her second exit from the Indian Idol 3 and leaving Emon Chatterjee , Amit Paul and Prashant in the top 3.

Harpreet Singh Deol out of saregemapa

So after a tough competition it seems that saregamapa is rocking with its eliminations... Poonam Yadav who had been promised a job in Railways by the great Lalu Prasad Yadav, Amaanat Ali and Mussarrat Abbas who had been consistent but in the danger zones, Raja Hasan who is the marvelous and fantabolous and Sumedha who is the barbie doll are still in the fray and rocking...

Lets see how the guys perform today on the Lalu Prasad and Daler Mehendi Show....