Aug 18, 2007

Puja Chatterjee is out of Indian Idol

Another misery to the female contestants of Indian Idol, Puja chatterjee is voted out of Indian Idol and the world is left to keep hopes on the only girl Ankita Mishra to become the only Indian Idol which soon will be shattered I bet. Even after the dazzling performance on friday Puja was in the Danger zone with Emon chatterjee and Ankita Mishra.

Luck spared Ankita the second time only to put the axe on Puja. Emon chatterjee and Puja's close relationship these days and the friendship between the contestants made the exit very difficult.

Puja All the Best ... But honestly you were not good enough to be the Indian Idol... Amit Paul, Emon and Ankita can better perform....


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