Aug 25, 2007

Ankita Mishra needs luck in Indian Idol

Todays Indian Idol voting is going to be more or less predictable.. as far as the female contestants are considered.. the only hope of a lady Indian Idol looks like going for a toss specially after yesterdays performance... I found Ankita Mishra and Emon chatterjee more on the danger zone side becuase of the whacky performance...

If Ankita goes out today it will be a kick shit to the voting system ... specially becuase I feel that :
1. Prashant gets lot of votes from the East part of the country inspite of average performances.

2. Myang Chang gets the female votes due to his looks and the performances are not outstanding always.

3. Emon Chatterjee gets his share from some girls and the eastern belt.

4. The only performer Amit Paul who is consistent and singing well deserves a high vote but unfortunately he is not a hishest vote gainer in the series...

So the Indian Idol management needs to disclose the data to the public and let us know what and where the votes are coming from...


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