Aug 2, 2007

Ammanat Ali - The challenegers call to Sa re ga ma

The world war of music ... leading the way to a best possible talent... Watching Sa re gama pa is no lesss then a party... Specially becuase of the toughest possible competition its going through.... The finalists that are in the fray now are more or less equal and every show I see they perform better and better.

Amaanat Ali is one such contestant.. you believe it or not the Dubai king who had done some stage shows earlier is already proving his excellence in all his performances so far.... never been in the off lights the confidence of Ammanat Ali is clearly visible in his choice of songs and pitchs of them from him.. coming from Dubai Amaanat brings the challenge to its best.

One of achievements from Amaanat is the offer he has got to sing for Vishal Shekhar who are doing "Cash" now and his 500 Rs prize from Nusrat fateh Ali Khan Saaheb in a stage show in Dubai...

Well Done Amaanat... Keep it up... You have Massarrat Abbas, Junaid Shaikh, Sumedha and Mauli to give you a tough fight.. while Harpreet still is a dark horse.


  1. I think Amanat is really talented. In my opinion, Raja is number one. But Amanat definitely has that soothing tone in his voice.

  2. Yes Agree... Raja is really cool and has already caught the eyes of the audience.. lets hope the competition gets fair and brings the best talent out.