Aug 4, 2007

Abhishek Kumar Out of Indian Idol?

The notorious performer of the Indian Idol 3 is giving me a gut feel that he is the one who will be out of the show today? Will it ABhishek Kumar or the better performing Deepali and Puja chatterjee not sure ... but my 3 contenders for the Danger Zone today are:

1. Deepali
2. Abhishek Kumar
3. Puja Chatterjee

while I could sense some problems for Myang Chang and Emon Chatterjee ... I am feeling that the Vote bank Prashant and Emon are driving will not let them get into the Danger 3... whilst the best performers Amit Paul and Ankita are doing well.. we can only hope that the public does not vote for regions or sex'es ...

These days the voting is so unreliable... Poor Charu and Smita...


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