Jul 29, 2007

Sumedha Karmak is the Saregama Hot Favourite

While I havent been really talking more on the saregama due to lack of time think its time to write more on the show as well specially becuase my whole of past I have been writing on it for the lil champs and morever the same lil champs challenge is coming very soon with the international exposure...

Sumedha Karmak .. a competant.. whom i heard a lot is a sweet hearthrobe and a strong contestant to grab hold the championship of saregama... Debojit, Vinay, Abhijeet Sawant all stars always have been male but it seems that inspite of figural competion in the show Sumedha Karmak has a strong chances of reaching the finals and if luck and voice stays together for her championship is not far..

Sumedha Karmak who hails from Ragnandgoon is a sweet sexy face in the competition who is in the Josh Gharan of Bhappi Lahri... sweet voice and lot of versatality makes her the sweet hot favourite of the competition.

A few songs and pics from Sumedha are available on internet but while Sumedhas capability is always been praised by the competition.. Sajid khans comments on her that she is so very beautiful to get a chance from Mahesh Bhatt? makes it visible that she is already a part of the glamorous bollywood world.

See the images and Videos of sumedha here


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