Jul 29, 2007

Parleen Gill is out but In

It was so unfortunate as my last post came in about Parleen gill been out of the Indian Idol rocking show It was more or less expected... while I think Parleen Gill been out is not just becuase of his bad singing but also due to the fact that the Media and the Television show plays a key part in getting votes for these candidates.

You dont have to speak aloud or go back a lot, thursdays Rubaru show when Ritesh deshmukh was on the sets of Indian Idol to promote his movie Cash as a part of the collateral promotions in the Rubaru show of Indian Idol, The show was hosted as a court where Parleen Gill was the convicted for the allegations that his concentration is more on Performance and dancing than singing.

While I think this fact really caused a few downgrades of votes for Parleen who i think could have been more safe than Abhishek Kumar or Myang Chang. Its unfortunate and the Indian Idol should take care that such type of shows can bother and have a great impact on the votes for contestants. Parleen Gill though been out of the contest now with a terrific performance on saturday I feel he will be in soon with some Director's Eyes catching his voice and face ;)

Well Done Parleen


  1. parleen should be back he cant be out

  2. Parleen's elimination was a very big shock. This calls for a revise in the Indian Idol rules. The Janta often has their own willing. Often they have so many factors in their mind such as language, region and so on. Therefore, giving Janta 100% rights to chose is not right. Give only 20% weightage to the Janta's voting and remaining 80% weightage, give to the 4 Judges. This would probably wont let anything happen to this much bad extent. I came to know that there is a very big campaign is going on for Prashant. So, we really cant depend on the Janta's voting totally.

    I would like to say one thing for Parleen. Parleen, this is just a beginning for you. So, never give up your heart. Javed Aktar has praised you like anything. That were true blessings. Often in life it happens that the topper of some competition/program may not shine as much as the person who lost in that. So, this elimination cannot stop your success Parleen. You can do it. All the very best to you Parleen. We love you. You won our heart.