Jul 31, 2007

The Law sucks - Sanjay Dutt poor victim again?

6 Years of Imprisonment for a person who has changed the way of dealing with evil , Sanjay Dutt's sentence today in the 1993 bomb blast is a big of a dissappointment to me... For people who have murdered Mass, eaten up all the peoples money and what not .. are set to free while someone who has been good all through the 14 years of trauma is yet again punished for another few years...

Sanjay Dutt's sentence is a bad part of the whole 1993 blast case.. while we agree that anyone involved should be punished... but someone who really did not support or got involved should have been shown some mercy? Anyways I dont want to throw any disrespect on the court but for Sanjay Dutt it will be a tuff time..

God Bless you Sanju... we are with you ...


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