Jul 13, 2007

Indian Idol Rubaru

After some stunning performances last week and the equally emotion ed exit of Jolly Das this week brings light with the new hope and new wings to the Indian Idol.... Fridays episode is going to be the SuperStar special.. the contestants will be allowed to sing the songs of their own choices... well I guess not many will be the oldies... so I am sure the 40+ audience wont be that big interested. Today's show on Indian Idol Rubaru was an exciting match since the first Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant was on the show.... the show was more of the sharing of the knowledge an experience on the singing arena for these new bies who are so popular now with they appearing on every single news and TV channels, the Radio stations and many other things....

Been with Abhijeet Sawant definitely empowered the spirits to perform better for everyone... specially I see lot of confidence in Emon chatterjee, Amit Paul, Charu, Smita and Puja.. whilst Abhishek, Prashant and Parleen had some better comments last time they seem to be a bit struggling but lets see what is up and coming on friday with Shaban Azmi been on the show with the legendary Jaaved Akhtar while Alisha, Udit and Anu Malek enjoy the leverage... Well also the fun would be the hosting partners for Indian Idol Mini Mathur and Hussain

Don't forget to watch the Rang De Basanti song of A Saala... by the Indian Idol Team..


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