Jun 8, 2007

Indian Idol - Emon Chatterjee

Watching this version of Indian Idol is a bit cool specially when we see some cool competition happening and hopefully a non Biased verdict this time... Emon Chatterjee sounds to be like the strong contender of course with others...

Let me begin my blogging series from now until 9th June when the fray and competition will heat up...

Sameer Shaikh


  1. Emon is naturally a great singer and he is one of my favorites, but I rather find him too much Sonu Nigam oriented and doesn't possess any originality. Lets say no to another Sonu Nigam and get someone else like Kunal Ganjawalla. I find Prashant the best, no formal training yet he is in par with the other trained guys. Prashant has originality and feel - the voice of a playback singer. Prashant should be the one. What do you say?

  2. I agree with Rahul. Emon is also one of my best but not "THE BEST". Originality topic is right and that is what I too have posted on my blog. Prashant should be the one. Lets see how the Indian crowd can be racial, partial or act in the true Gandhian way.

  3. Yup Agree... but chang is the guy to watch out too... think there is a great competition ahead.... well Boys Again it seems ;)