Dec 1, 2006

Celebrate the Success

Not long before I went into a Harvest and Review sessions of the Projects, I came across a review that really triggered something called "Celebral Success", well I bet everyone of you know what it is but what do we really do with it? Darn thing Nothing to be honest... we celebrate success only when the whole team is around and we are out for a Dinner? Or when the whole condomium is called in the centre of the office and being prized on the podium... We celebrate success by clapping hands and pumping noises.. we celebrate success by yelling and partying.. we sometimes celbrate success by the most uncheerable way of sending an email or a IM... Godammm.. give me a break ;). For us who dont know how to derive success from the day to day work we do and celebrate it in the best possible way... here is something I feel about it...

A few weeks ago I heard something yelling (actually whispering) "I got it".. to what it appeared to him was a success in a form of the programming fix the developer did.. but to me it appeared as a bunch of ceremonial thought of celebrating success... Yeah what a fanatic ... geeeeeeeeeeeeeez fantastic thing to do..

Just while this thing was in my mind and I was trying to get rid of the thought by way of getting involved into managing the day to day project tasks I realised that i did a dammn cool thing ... I managed to get 1 KG off my belly what I was trying for a few past weeks now.. what a success that is ... skipping lunch avoiding oily stuff and slowly but steadily going on a diet... Hurray , I celebrated this success by first time asking my wife to get the Spinach juice for me in dinner .. and resolving to be a Vegetarian atleast after a few more weeks.. what a personal success that was..

So while everything like this comes in the form of success I feel that we dont enjoy the moment and dont really celebrate them.. to what I feel everyone here should celebrate Every success big or small , huge or light, prized or un-noticed .. its just about building the spirit and the morale to drive thing in the right direction in the right time...

And believe it or not sometimes the enthusiasm of celebrating small successes really turns out to be a factor that drives the team towards a high morale... Before I really digress onto this .. I would also like to say that all through the past few years of Project Management I have being doing I never came across a situation where a Bug fix or a Iteration target achieved is celebrated... Bingo that calls for a party on Monday ;)

Sameer Shaikh


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