Dec 13, 2006

Bigg Boss - Who is the New Entry in the house?

Friends or Foe, Love or Hatred, Peace or War , whatever it is it is just fun if it is in the Bigg Boss House... Yeah that is what is happening so far until now ... with the fact that Rahul Roy is not a blessed member now and that Deepak Tijori (One time Best Pal of him) is completely agaisnt him .. there on the other hand Ravi who always thought that Deepak is the brain behind Rahul also going against him and that Carol and Rupali's relationship with Ravi worsening .. 2 new Members planning to get in the house on Bigg Boss's request .. I think its all happening.

Today started with a low pitch song but a high pitch politics when Ravi got up straight into the Kitchen to make Tea for everyone and started blaming on others about what is happening in the house... and You know what happens when someone goes for cooking in the house without experience ... yeah true .. they SCREW the bloody kitchen hahahahah he spread around 2 litres of water which Rahul saw and since he is supposed to clean it spent 1 hr cleaning the 2 ltr water littered around .. was it a play or politics I cant say as you cant make it from rahul Roys face for sure...

There Amit, Deepak and Ravi continued abusing each other and blaming Rahul for everyone who has gone out .. Well I am sure they cant blame the public at this stage ... so the game is getting worse specially when you can easily make out that Rahul is one end and all others on the other ...

Today BB gave a game of tug of war which is actually happening in the house and this was won by Ravi's Team who had Rupali, Carol, Amit in it... but by the end of the day the tug of war was only left with the war when BB wanted to have a puppet show from each member inacting the other in the house... and what a fun it was with all the guys just getting the frustration out ... dammn dont blame it its the real face of human being today ...

Later in the day BB decided to play a LOC where 2 Teams one of the house and seond within the house each with 4 members will not allow a member of the opposite team to stay out for more than 10 minutes .. wow what a game ... they are anyways ready to do anything to get them out of the houses be it in the opposite or same Team ..

I am just wondering what is going to happen in the next few days ...
1. Who is the New Entry in the Bigg Boss house?
2. Who is Carol in love with?
3. What is Ravi Kishan (Ravi Kissen) next move?
4. what is Deepak Tijori upto?
5. What will Rahul roy do?
6. Who will be nominated next?
7. Will rahul roy be out of Bigg Boss house?
8. Will Rupali stop calling Ravi his brother?
9. Will Ragini or Anupama patch up?

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