Dec 13, 2006

Bigg Boss - Ravi Amit and Rahul are friends again Deepak Tijori nominated and OUT

Ranaissance it is .... finally the LOC and the drama that had being happening in the Bigg boss house is quite and sooner or later will it be completely shut or will be drastically uplheaded.... Todays day began with the Kabul Express song I am sure they are trying to create excitement and curosity for John Abraham and Arshad Varsi's entry in the house...

Ravi and Amit seems to be making good pals as allthrough today they were just talking about Rahul and to that matter Deepak Tijori and Anupama Verma... it slowly changed and things were happening quite OK.

Amit and Ravi confronted to Rahul about everything they had in mind .. though Carol and Rupali are still not sure if Rahul is like that but still since Ravi and Amit forced them they were about to believe .. but anyways lot of crying and hueing happened and finally the dead end was caught where Ravi and Amit made friends with Rahul Roy.

later Bigg Boss gave a target of making the painting of every house member with a change in them and what a fun it was Rahul made for Ravi showing him to be a leader and now a Guy missing his family badly ...

Ravi made a Cool guy of Rahul and then the Sarpanch that was trhe worst part of his in the house but again back to cool role... as usual Rupalia nd Carol made for each other and Amit and Ragini chose each other .. to what is surprising is the Kashmera Shah mind in the house .. Yeah talking about Deepak Tijori and Anupama are jelling well ... I am sure Aryan is upset with this...

Whoever goes from the house be it Anuapam, Ragini, Carol, Ravi , Rahul or Deepak it will continue to be fun when 2 more entries get in next week.


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