Dec 1, 2006

Bigg Boss Day 27 - Rakhi Sawant it is

Rakhi greets the morning song, by bouncing out of bed and singing in the room.

Everyone wakes but Anupama who is still asleep. BB decides to play her a romantic song, and she wakes up with a lovely smile on her face. Even with drool on her face, she looks stunning!

She sits up in bed and is chatting to Rakhi…meanwhile near the pool; Ragini is chatting to Aryan and is trying to flirt with her. She is paying him so many compliments and he starts to appreciate her more. Aryan promised Anu that he’d stay away from Ragini, but while Anu is fast asleep he is chatting to Ragini. Now what’s Aryan’s new agenda, or more importantly, when is Ragini’s agenda?

She continues to compliment him, and says he isn’t like normal guys.

Ravi and the guys are chatting in the bedroom and drinking tea. They are saying Rupali is such a child and she should not have kids for a while, because she’s a kid herself!

It’s 12pm now, and now Aryan is now chatting to Anu in the kitchen area. BB sent announcement, that all the chairs and tables they have been working on should be collated in the activity area and that all the contestants should get together in the living room.

BB praise the contestants and say the chairs and tables will be donated to a small nursery and the gang are cheering and smiling.

BB ask Anu to go to the confession room.

They give her a letter to read to the gang.

They order the gang to clean the garden, as its very dirty, the gang are a little puzzled as they were expecting a reward, but nevertheless, they get the Dettol and soap out and begin cleaning with gusto.

Ragini, again is trying to close to Aryan.

Rakhi however doesn’t look very impressed.

It’s 12:30pm and Rupali is making drinks for the gang who are working in the garden. They tease her about Aryan and she giggles. She’s obviously got a crush. Meanwhile Rahul is cleaning the windows and doing a good job.

Anu and Rupali are in the kitchen now and Anu seems annoyed. She says why didn’t you make drinks for Rakhi and Rupali feels really small. She’s trying to defend herself, but it’s not working.

She complains to Rahul who says, don’t worry, everyone has had their drinks and chill out. Anu goes into the guys room and starts complaining to Deepak and Aryan. Meanwhile Rupali is complaining to Carol about Anu near the pool.

Anu is now chatting to Rakhi and feels Rupali is a dangerous game; they both have a giggle because Aryan is topless and they tease him because he hasn’t good a good body as he thinks!

During last couple of days, the guys have started bitching like never before. Amit, Ravi and Aryan are discussing Ragini, and feel she is untrustworthy.

It seems Ragini is becoming really unpopular.

It’s 3pm and Ravi is giving Carol a foot massage. We feel he likes her, and we also think she’s beginning to like him. They’re both laughing and Amit watches on with amusement.
After the eviction of Kash, Carol really seems to be enjoying herself in the house
Amit is in the BB conference room. He is feeling despondent and irritated. He feels everyone is artificial and people blow things out of proportion.

Deepak is next and praises BB for the court room drama they did a few days ago. He also thinks people are seriously drifting apart and serious problems are around the corner.

It’s 7pm now and BB send out a trumpet noise. Why? It’s because Anu was sleeping!

She’s sent to the BB room and is scolded for breaking the rules. She complains she wasn’t feeling well and they say they will nominate her to be evicted. She is shocked! And then she is told to go! They also told her she’s speaking in English too much

She starts crying and is consoled by Aryan.

It’s 9pm now, and Rakhi is chatting to the Abhishek picture again. She tells the pic that she hates Ravi and she always get partnered with Ravi. She says whenever she looks at Ravi she gets angry!

She says to the pic, that Anu is acting like a princess! WOW! She is bitching about Anu and it’s hilarious. Honestly Rakhi.

BB calls Amit to the BB room. They congratulate him on maintaining the budget, and give him a blackboard to buy more food. They are all discussing what food to get now.

It’s 10:30pm now, and the lovebirds and Rakhi are having dinner. They are teasing him about the topless episode this morning, and he claims he wasn’t posing.

Rakhi really teases him and Anu starts making impressions. Even Aryan begins to laugh.

Anu asks why he always gets dressed in front of the camera instead of a curtain. He replies and says its dark behind the curtain. Sure you’re not posing again!

It’s late now and the guys are washing and cleaning the kitchen and having a laugh.

Anu and Aryan are alone again, and Anu gets up and goes to sleep, she’s scared she might break the rules and Aryan feels mortally offended. He’s trying to convince her to stay and she is still upset about the episode with BB earlier. He tells Anu he is dependent on her and she walks away. She starts losing her temper with him and walks away again. Is this the beginning of the end for the lovebirds?


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