Dec 8, 2006

Big Boss - Aryan Vaid is out of the House

Anupama couldn't believe it. Neither could Roopali, who was also nominated for eviction this week. But the verdict is out. The audience has thrown Aryan out of the Bigg Boss house. Aryan and Anupama's love story has been an interesting part of the Bigg Boss saga and has raised a lot of eyebrows as well. Whether Aryan is actually in love with her or putting up an act just to safeguard his place in the house has been a matter of debate across the country.
According to other housemates like Rakhi, Aryan is truly and deeply in love with Anupama. But it is Anupama who's not serious about the relationship. The truth is yet to be known. But since the day Aryan was nominated, we could easily notice the insecurity in his eyes. He even advised Anupama not to talk to certain housemates like Ravi, who seems to have been eyeing her right from the start. Our heart goes out for this guy who claims to have found the woman of his life in the Bigg Boss house.

More to come stay tuned.....


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