Dec 15, 2006

Anupama Aryan Vaid Romance , Rakhi Sawant Back to Hell

Alrite so after missing the thursday melo drama due to office party.. I was able to catch up some action of Bigg Boss on Sony Set max on Friday specially when John Abraham was in the Bigg Boss house... what a fun it was... screening the Top release of this week Kabul express was a fun event for the house mates and believe it or not they got some amount of leisure there...

friday was not as lucky for everyone as it was Anupama ... I think she was expecting Aryan to be in on public demand ... but it seems that people are thinking otherwise they want a game in there and not much politics ....

Arshad took a run behind everyone specially Rahul and Ravi for the events happening in the house recently ... there on the other hand as a wild card entry Rakhi Sawant was bought in the house back .. the fun was that Anupama was sent off by people .. Poor Deepak Tijori wont have much to do now ....

Well lets see on monday who will be the next nominee to what I feel it will be Deepak and Ravi this time ...

Dec 13, 2006

Bigg Boss - Ravi Amit and Rahul are friends again Deepak Tijori nominated and OUT

Ranaissance it is .... finally the LOC and the drama that had being happening in the Bigg boss house is quite and sooner or later will it be completely shut or will be drastically uplheaded.... Todays day began with the Kabul Express song I am sure they are trying to create excitement and curosity for John Abraham and Arshad Varsi's entry in the house...

Ravi and Amit seems to be making good pals as allthrough today they were just talking about Rahul and to that matter Deepak Tijori and Anupama Verma... it slowly changed and things were happening quite OK.

Amit and Ravi confronted to Rahul about everything they had in mind .. though Carol and Rupali are still not sure if Rahul is like that but still since Ravi and Amit forced them they were about to believe .. but anyways lot of crying and hueing happened and finally the dead end was caught where Ravi and Amit made friends with Rahul Roy.

later Bigg Boss gave a target of making the painting of every house member with a change in them and what a fun it was Rahul made for Ravi showing him to be a leader and now a Guy missing his family badly ...

Ravi made a Cool guy of Rahul and then the Sarpanch that was trhe worst part of his in the house but again back to cool role... as usual Rupalia nd Carol made for each other and Amit and Ragini chose each other .. to what is surprising is the Kashmera Shah mind in the house .. Yeah talking about Deepak Tijori and Anupama are jelling well ... I am sure Aryan is upset with this...

Whoever goes from the house be it Anuapam, Ragini, Carol, Ravi , Rahul or Deepak it will continue to be fun when 2 more entries get in next week.

Bigg Boss - Who is the New Entry in the house?

Friends or Foe, Love or Hatred, Peace or War , whatever it is it is just fun if it is in the Bigg Boss House... Yeah that is what is happening so far until now ... with the fact that Rahul Roy is not a blessed member now and that Deepak Tijori (One time Best Pal of him) is completely agaisnt him .. there on the other hand Ravi who always thought that Deepak is the brain behind Rahul also going against him and that Carol and Rupali's relationship with Ravi worsening .. 2 new Members planning to get in the house on Bigg Boss's request .. I think its all happening.

Today started with a low pitch song but a high pitch politics when Ravi got up straight into the Kitchen to make Tea for everyone and started blaming on others about what is happening in the house... and You know what happens when someone goes for cooking in the house without experience ... yeah true .. they SCREW the bloody kitchen hahahahah he spread around 2 litres of water which Rahul saw and since he is supposed to clean it spent 1 hr cleaning the 2 ltr water littered around .. was it a play or politics I cant say as you cant make it from rahul Roys face for sure...

There Amit, Deepak and Ravi continued abusing each other and blaming Rahul for everyone who has gone out .. Well I am sure they cant blame the public at this stage ... so the game is getting worse specially when you can easily make out that Rahul is one end and all others on the other ...

Today BB gave a game of tug of war which is actually happening in the house and this was won by Ravi's Team who had Rupali, Carol, Amit in it... but by the end of the day the tug of war was only left with the war when BB wanted to have a puppet show from each member inacting the other in the house... and what a fun it was with all the guys just getting the frustration out ... dammn dont blame it its the real face of human being today ...

Later in the day BB decided to play a LOC where 2 Teams one of the house and seond within the house each with 4 members will not allow a member of the opposite team to stay out for more than 10 minutes .. wow what a game ... they are anyways ready to do anything to get them out of the houses be it in the opposite or same Team ..

I am just wondering what is going to happen in the next few days ...
1. Who is the New Entry in the Bigg Boss house?
2. Who is Carol in love with?
3. What is Ravi Kishan (Ravi Kissen) next move?
4. what is Deepak Tijori upto?
5. What will Rahul roy do?
6. Who will be nominated next?
7. Will rahul roy be out of Bigg Boss house?
8. Will Rupali stop calling Ravi his brother?
9. Will Ragini or Anupama patch up?

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Dec 12, 2006

Bigg Boss - Ravi Kishan's wife hit Carol

The day of fruitfulness, changing parties, changed attitudes, Melo Drama, Lies and above all Bad Politics Yes that is what happened past 2 days in the Bigg Boss house.. and Yeah ofcourse after Aryan Vaid had to leave the house in spec of the gaming zone that is created in the house.. this is all expected...

On friday when Aryan Vaid was thrown out of the House I was not so very happy .. not because he was a good guy but because the fun in the Bigg Boss house would now be much lesser as compared to the earlier days ... though it appeared that this is not very true now... So the Game begin in the morning when everyone got off the Bed and Deepak Tijori took time to find Anupama Verma who is in so depression( I still think that this is no depression but just a show off). This time its Deepak who is acting like Kashmera Shah ... yeah no wonder why he was bought in .. Good Chose Bigg Boss... we can easily make out the real faces of the celeb world.

So Deepak took this opportunity to play the mind game as he clearly knows who is the most frontrunning candidate in the Bogg Boss prize money game... Yeah I am talking about Rahul Roy ... if you noticed this in the past there was lot of stuff happening between Ravi and Deepak and my first gues is Deepak took the chance in the day time when Rahul is having a nap and was a "Sarpanch" for 1 week to create a negative vote against him.. Deepak was talking as Kashmira Shah used to... my first guess is that this time it will either be Deepak Tijori or Anupama Verma... Deepak cause based on the past experience it appears that people dont want dirty politics in the house and Anupama because if they can get Aryan out Anupama is no big deal.

While Deepak took this opportunity Ravi was not much behind in openly blaming the Hurricane of Politics .. my guess was that ravi Kissen was yelling and shouting on Deepak right in front of him but later realised that it was Rahul not him or actually it was the whole house... the Abuses were like anything from mothers to sisters and fathers to brothers.... this was the point where Deepak played safe and you believe it or not ... these celeb's are just nudists that are trying to cover there faces just because they think they have a funny arse...

Later in the day Deepak and Ravi got together to try and analyse how Rahul played the games and used the same opportunity to get the girls in place... with whatever happened yesterday it appeared that the scenes are going to change completely .. dont believe?

So here you go... Later during the day ruapli confronted in front of Rahul that it seems that he is being tried to outplay because he is respected in the house and that some people are jealous of this which was later being highlighted and said by Carol too.... there on the other hand Ravi got out of his old friend Rahul to confront to Amit and Deepak that Rahul was the one behind all the gaming that is happening and that he is off with all these things...

Later Bigg Boss congratulated Ravi on his marriage anniversary and the whole house celebrated the anniversary that was shown to them on the BB TV... not long was the fun there as Bigg Boss called Ravi and handed over the gifts to him... Gifts from the 3 daughters of Ravi and his wife... It was not done when Ravi opened the Greeting cards his wife had sent her and that had some strange word combination attributing to a message talking about Carol and the foot massage that he gave... For sure Ravi's wife had seen Ravi getting along with Carol and the messages were so very disturbing that it can be easily sensed from Ravi's face... I hope things get well between them as this is just a game and it doesnt go to divorce or something ....

A while later Carol was pissed off with the message and she was very very upset and decided not to be close to Ravi any more .. just to make sure there is no drift in anyones life .. there Amit was pissed off on Rupali who said that his wifes message was just a joke... and Ravi;s face showed the fear he is facing after he returns home... I am trying to find more details on ravis wife just in case this game gets funier as she needs someone to say that Dude this is just a Game and your hubby is a flirt not a betrayer....

Prior to this the nominations took place and this week there are 5 people nominated instead of usual 2 ... Yeah its time for Anupama Verma, Rupali Ganguly, Deepak Tijori, Rahul Roy and Ragini... with Rupali scoring a hatrick of getting nominated Ragini did it couple and all others are the fresh ones... I believe the scenarios that have changed with Carol possibly turning towards Rahul with Rupali and Ragini and Deepak making a group with Anupama, Ravi and Amit this is going to be a fun war....

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Dec 11, 2006

[Movie Review] Baabul - It sucks

Be it Salman Khan, Priyanka chopra, Shahrukh Khan or AB if its a family movie it really sucks unless its not a melodrama and a light weight comedy ... I tried to avoid this movie as many of the reviews I got last weekend were that this is worth watch and a replica of Baghban ..

Forget it I donn wana think about it until Kaabul Express.

Dec 8, 2006

Big Boss - Aryan Vaid is out of the House

Anupama couldn't believe it. Neither could Roopali, who was also nominated for eviction this week. But the verdict is out. The audience has thrown Aryan out of the Bigg Boss house. Aryan and Anupama's love story has been an interesting part of the Bigg Boss saga and has raised a lot of eyebrows as well. Whether Aryan is actually in love with her or putting up an act just to safeguard his place in the house has been a matter of debate across the country.
According to other housemates like Rakhi, Aryan is truly and deeply in love with Anupama. But it is Anupama who's not serious about the relationship. The truth is yet to be known. But since the day Aryan was nominated, we could easily notice the insecurity in his eyes. He even advised Anupama not to talk to certain housemates like Ravi, who seems to have been eyeing her right from the start. Our heart goes out for this guy who claims to have found the woman of his life in the Bigg Boss house.

More to come stay tuned.....

Dec 4, 2006

Bigg Boss - Aryan Vaid and Rupali nominated

So while I thought that the drama of politics and game planning between the house mates is over it doesnt really seem to be over... people are just playing games in a different way .. let it be food or work , play or fun .. its just the real face that is being shown up completely.. whoever it is and however sweet or honest he appears to be...

I am going to write on this tomorrow when I have enough time in hands...

Bigg Boss - Rakhi Sawant is Out

So finally one after the other it looks like all the politics playing housemates are going out of the camp.. Kashmira, Rakhi and I think today it will be Ravi or Rupali to get nominated... Whatever it is atleast with Kashmira and Rakhi Sawant going out it appears that Model Aryan Vaid and Anupama Verma are playing damm safe atleast securing 2 votes each for a particular member they wish to get out .. and it wont be easy if they continue playig the way they are .. specially the fun that is happening in the night which is visible in the night vision cams...

though Rakhi was missed out when she left the house and proposed(it appeared that she proposed) Abhishek her boy friend... When coming to the screens no one apart from Ruapli Ganguly the sweet girl from Bigg Boss house missed her It seems...

Now the equations are changing with Amit completely going against Rupali for her tortured behaviour and Anupama playing damm shrewd against Ruapli it appears that the next to go is for sure Rupali ...

nywya s.. I am not bothered as it wont take a week to say who is gonna go out .. for sure it appears that one nomination is Ruapli Ganguly and Ragini is playing other for sure atleast the way people in the house are talking about her..

Lets wait and watch...Bigg Boss on Sony TV

Dec 1, 2006

Bigg Boss Day 27 - Rakhi Sawant it is

Rakhi greets the morning song, by bouncing out of bed and singing in the room.

Everyone wakes but Anupama who is still asleep. BB decides to play her a romantic song, and she wakes up with a lovely smile on her face. Even with drool on her face, she looks stunning!

She sits up in bed and is chatting to Rakhi…meanwhile near the pool; Ragini is chatting to Aryan and is trying to flirt with her. She is paying him so many compliments and he starts to appreciate her more. Aryan promised Anu that he’d stay away from Ragini, but while Anu is fast asleep he is chatting to Ragini. Now what’s Aryan’s new agenda, or more importantly, when is Ragini’s agenda?

She continues to compliment him, and says he isn’t like normal guys.

Ravi and the guys are chatting in the bedroom and drinking tea. They are saying Rupali is such a child and she should not have kids for a while, because she’s a kid herself!

It’s 12pm now, and now Aryan is now chatting to Anu in the kitchen area. BB sent announcement, that all the chairs and tables they have been working on should be collated in the activity area and that all the contestants should get together in the living room.

BB praise the contestants and say the chairs and tables will be donated to a small nursery and the gang are cheering and smiling.

BB ask Anu to go to the confession room.

They give her a letter to read to the gang.

They order the gang to clean the garden, as its very dirty, the gang are a little puzzled as they were expecting a reward, but nevertheless, they get the Dettol and soap out and begin cleaning with gusto.

Ragini, again is trying to close to Aryan.

Rakhi however doesn’t look very impressed.

It’s 12:30pm and Rupali is making drinks for the gang who are working in the garden. They tease her about Aryan and she giggles. She’s obviously got a crush. Meanwhile Rahul is cleaning the windows and doing a good job.

Anu and Rupali are in the kitchen now and Anu seems annoyed. She says why didn’t you make drinks for Rakhi and Rupali feels really small. She’s trying to defend herself, but it’s not working.

She complains to Rahul who says, don’t worry, everyone has had their drinks and chill out. Anu goes into the guys room and starts complaining to Deepak and Aryan. Meanwhile Rupali is complaining to Carol about Anu near the pool.

Anu is now chatting to Rakhi and feels Rupali is a dangerous game; they both have a giggle because Aryan is topless and they tease him because he hasn’t good a good body as he thinks!

During last couple of days, the guys have started bitching like never before. Amit, Ravi and Aryan are discussing Ragini, and feel she is untrustworthy.

It seems Ragini is becoming really unpopular.

It’s 3pm and Ravi is giving Carol a foot massage. We feel he likes her, and we also think she’s beginning to like him. They’re both laughing and Amit watches on with amusement.
After the eviction of Kash, Carol really seems to be enjoying herself in the house
Amit is in the BB conference room. He is feeling despondent and irritated. He feels everyone is artificial and people blow things out of proportion.

Deepak is next and praises BB for the court room drama they did a few days ago. He also thinks people are seriously drifting apart and serious problems are around the corner.

It’s 7pm now and BB send out a trumpet noise. Why? It’s because Anu was sleeping!

She’s sent to the BB room and is scolded for breaking the rules. She complains she wasn’t feeling well and they say they will nominate her to be evicted. She is shocked! And then she is told to go! They also told her she’s speaking in English too much

She starts crying and is consoled by Aryan.

It’s 9pm now, and Rakhi is chatting to the Abhishek picture again. She tells the pic that she hates Ravi and she always get partnered with Ravi. She says whenever she looks at Ravi she gets angry!

She says to the pic, that Anu is acting like a princess! WOW! She is bitching about Anu and it’s hilarious. Honestly Rakhi.

BB calls Amit to the BB room. They congratulate him on maintaining the budget, and give him a blackboard to buy more food. They are all discussing what food to get now.

It’s 10:30pm now, and the lovebirds and Rakhi are having dinner. They are teasing him about the topless episode this morning, and he claims he wasn’t posing.

Rakhi really teases him and Anu starts making impressions. Even Aryan begins to laugh.

Anu asks why he always gets dressed in front of the camera instead of a curtain. He replies and says its dark behind the curtain. Sure you’re not posing again!

It’s late now and the guys are washing and cleaning the kitchen and having a laugh.

Anu and Aryan are alone again, and Anu gets up and goes to sleep, she’s scared she might break the rules and Aryan feels mortally offended. He’s trying to convince her to stay and she is still upset about the episode with BB earlier. He tells Anu he is dependent on her and she walks away. She starts losing her temper with him and walks away again. Is this the beginning of the end for the lovebirds?

Celebrate the Success

Not long before I went into a Harvest and Review sessions of the Projects, I came across a review that really triggered something called "Celebral Success", well I bet everyone of you know what it is but what do we really do with it? Darn thing Nothing to be honest... we celebrate success only when the whole team is around and we are out for a Dinner? Or when the whole condomium is called in the centre of the office and being prized on the podium... We celebrate success by clapping hands and pumping noises.. we celebrate success by yelling and partying.. we sometimes celbrate success by the most uncheerable way of sending an email or a IM... Godammm.. give me a break ;). For us who dont know how to derive success from the day to day work we do and celebrate it in the best possible way... here is something I feel about it...

A few weeks ago I heard something yelling (actually whispering) "I got it".. to what it appeared to him was a success in a form of the programming fix the developer did.. but to me it appeared as a bunch of ceremonial thought of celebrating success... Yeah what a fanatic ... geeeeeeeeeeeeeez fantastic thing to do..

Just while this thing was in my mind and I was trying to get rid of the thought by way of getting involved into managing the day to day project tasks I realised that i did a dammn cool thing ... I managed to get 1 KG off my belly what I was trying for a few past weeks now.. what a success that is ... skipping lunch avoiding oily stuff and slowly but steadily going on a diet... Hurray , I celebrated this success by first time asking my wife to get the Spinach juice for me in dinner .. and resolving to be a Vegetarian atleast after a few more weeks.. what a personal success that was..

So while everything like this comes in the form of success I feel that we dont enjoy the moment and dont really celebrate them.. to what I feel everyone here should celebrate Every success big or small , huge or light, prized or un-noticed .. its just about building the spirit and the morale to drive thing in the right direction in the right time...

And believe it or not sometimes the enthusiasm of celebrating small successes really turns out to be a factor that drives the team towards a high morale... Before I really digress onto this .. I would also like to say that all through the past few years of Project Management I have being doing I never came across a situation where a Bug fix or a Iteration target achieved is celebrated... Bingo that calls for a party on Monday ;)

Sameer Shaikh