Nov 10, 2006

Terror Alert

So the so called Al-Qaeda Terror Alert is raised for all the Airports in southern India .. what I dont really understand is why is the alert in south India only? So looking at the history there are several so called terror activities happening in and around south ( kerala. Karanataka, Andhra Pradesh) so most of the activities and suspects so far being tackled in the south it is said that they have made a strong base there .. so finally I would say that Al Qaeda with JeM and Lashkar-e-Toiba are trying to intrude My Pure good nation..

This time the alert comes from Qaeda directly as said by the police and it is said that the security is drastically increased on all the Airports .. I would say that they dont have to wait till the Threat .. just damm make sure that No F***king terrorist ever thinks of coming near an airport .. what I think is though Last years bill saying that the Airplanes will be bought down if there is a Hi-Jack I doubt it is as good as that ... They would still for sure try to manipulate things .. either by giving a chance to the terrorsist or something else ..

To cleanup the threat I would say bring down the root .. Use the techniques used by Mosad let it be cruel but atleast the intelligence is best .. you can track these things down way before they happen ..

while the Countrys big part is still on alert I dont see any reason people should not travel ..


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