Nov 28, 2006

Sanjay Dutt found Guilty in 1993 Blasts

I wasnt a Big Fan of him until I saw Rendezvous where her Sister and He was a part of the blast show by Simi Garewal... Oh My God I dont believe there is a person like this in the world who has overcome all sort of depressions in his life .... Yeah Lossing his beloved Mom Nargis, the Drug zone which was the worst part of his life, then the Marriage that didnt work, then loosing the custody of his daughter, then the Jail for 18 months with a scar on his face that he was a part of the conspiracy and various acts thats held him for illegal acquisition of arms and ammunition.. Loosing his father when he was climbing High on success with his professional filming career and then this sentence...

This is not all there is lot of meaning to it ... these were the worst moments of his life that I got to hear from him and his sister in the show and ofcourse that changed a complete view .. as an actor he was good but Now he is just a greatest person for me .. No matter what he has done what he is facing now I like him to death .. I could not control my feeling a week ago when I came to know that the decission was going to be made this tuesday .. what an unlucky day it is ... for the Bollywood ..

Though the Judge commented that Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist but the sentence was based on his past and that on the base of the evidences I just think that unlike other celebs he is just facing this as he is a celeb ... Not everything was against him .. but the fact that Ajay Amrwah and others were not found guilty and Sanjay Dutt was is painful.. I have no objections to the courts decission but I think he should have being spared ... not just because he has changed but because he is unlucky enough to be a celebrity ...

There were and are so many predictions that he will be sentenced to a lifer or even 2-5 years .. It appears that he will be sentenced to a 5 yrs imprisonment .. not sure if the 18 months he spent under trial will be deducted from it .. anyways as far as I know its a real real big setback to the film industry ..

I think we should really start a signature campaign to get justice for him .. afterall he was not the one who was in the conspiracy and keeping the weapons (which I believe he has denied) or whatever allegations are charged against him should also be taken into consideration after considering the facts that were available and present then Father and Family getting threatening calls for running the rehab centres in Mumbai after the Riots and Babri dmeolition and what not ..

I am still on my fast to keep my beard growing until Sanjay Dutt is declared NOT Guilty ... Or at least faces a minimal sentence not sure when this will happen though .. God Bless Sanjay and his family and give them strenght to over come this again like he always did ..


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