Nov 16, 2006

New Entry in Big Boss House

Conspiracy, Plans, Heatups , Cold Wars, Politics, Groupism and above all plots to stay in within all these happenings there is a new Guy who will be taking place of Salil Ankola .. Well when Salil Ankola was out because of being sued by Ektaa Kapoor's Balaji Telefims it appeared that the contest will be reduced but at this point yesterday Bigg Boss substituted Salil Ankola with someone else .. the New Member last night came and slept on a sofa set in the house and it appears that he is none other then the Actor turned producer and Director of several movies Deepak Tijori..

This handsome hunk I am sure will play a role in the current hip hops going on in the House .. I am writig more about the conspiracy theory in my next post about Bigg Boss...


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