Nov 5, 2006

Long Live Saddam .. Long Live Iraq

So finally my boiling blood could not take any more resistance and my feelings are here on the paper... OK for all those who are new and few to me I am not a Anti-American or a Hardcore Islamic Fundamentalist...I am just a normal person who has some brains and emotions .... while I know that the post is going to hurt someone I really apologize as I am not writing about you as a Nation .. I am writing about the Nation with faulty foreign policy ...

The Great Great Arab Leader of all time finally got a Death Sentence and that too just when the Elections are near and the campaigns heating up in States .. If you say this is coincidence then you talk shit ... Its not for me ..

Saddam his half brother and a few others got the decission for the Dujjail massacre in Iraq so called masterminded and implemented by Saddam and Party .. If you are outside America or Occupancy group then its a Most sadistic news to hear (Specially for the Arabs and the devloping nations)...Yeah the simple reason is 24 yrs this nation was one of the most developing nations surviving not on any nations pieces of bread... Yeah they were self dependent for 24 yrs and made the most of there nations until the Occupants ransacked the country ... not really country I would say countries... SO all this for what ?

1. OIL
2. OIL
3. OIL
Yes its a war for OIL.. you dont need to do many investigations or thinking to conclude this .. Iraq was (I dont know if its still) the second largest Oil generating nations .. and how can it fit in the good books of George Bush Jr. that some other nation is 1st or 2nd in the world for something that is so important for them.. not to forget that Saudi Arabia is first and they are already half occupied by America .. under the shit name of friendship..

So talking about Saddam Hussein I would really like to condemn the sentence .... the biggest injustice done to a nation a nationality and I would say to humanity by the so called forces who want to make the world a peace .. Iread so much about Iraq and Saddam before the occupancy happened and post occupancy things have changed ,, the media is being asked to change to prove that Saddam is the Villain .. but NO he is NOT .... He is the Greatest Hero of the Arabs .. The Arab world think it or not .. the islamic world take it or not .. He is the Greatest Hero of the world .. Saddam Hussein you gave the inspiration to the world to fight injustice \.... no matter you loose or win you had courage to do that ...

I am glad that I am a citizen of a country that has never occupied ... God punich the Devils group forces and Long Live Saddam .. Long live Iraq...


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