Nov 16, 2006

Kashmira Shah and Aryan Vaid Plot Bigg Boss House

Amidst so much of things happening in the Big boss house My first thing to talk about this show is that it will atleast cause one divorce ... or a broken relationship when the show gets over .. Last but not the least the real face of all these guys is flat open in front of the public .. While the celebrities inside think that everything is just in the room they dont know that the camera's and microphones are every where .. and all the Bitchy activities that are bing done ar ebeing viewed by the people ..

While I also know that its not everything that is shown like I think the Big Boss house and Cameras should be kept live on internet for 24 hrs so that people can just log in and watch the fun I am sure it will be a good Idea and enough money for the producers too ... secondly people will come to know the behind the door scenes that are happening as I still think that Bigg Boss is being censored to some or a larger extent I am sure they cant show everything in an hour on Sony or Set Max .. a Live 24 hr channel will also be a good Idea .. OK forget about this ..

Coming back to the plot today there were 3 conspiracy plots that happened in the house .. I group that did this was Rahul Roy and Ravi Kishan .. both were talking about how bad food does Deepak parasher cooks and what not .. and specially how Aryan Vaid is trying to go on and on with Anupama and how kashmira / Rupali and Rakhi Sawant are playing mind games ... but when in front of Deepak Ravi could not stop himself prasing Deepak Parasher who was also being called as a gay by these bunch .. There on the other side at 3:00 AM Rakhi was talking to Kashmira that AMit is giving her signals and that Rakhi loves Amit Sadh ... though Kashmira convinced her to be a part of her plot it seems that Kashmira will first target Rakhi ..

On the other hand Kashmira and Aryan Vaid are the real plotters they have decided upon a code language while calling
Aryan Vaid as Hrithik Roshan
Kashmira as Priyanka Chopra
Amit Sadh as Salman Khan
Carol As Katrina
Deepak Parashar as Anupam Kher
Rakhi Sawant as Bipasha Basu
Anupama as Manager

so as per Kashmira Shah she has already formed a group of Deepak Parasher, Anupama, Aryan , Rakhi and Carol to some exctent as they want to ousten Carol as soon as possible .. and believe me if this group of five come together .. Ravi and Rahul are the first to go and then Amit and Carol...

Well the game will be funnier when the group is broken and Rahul and Ravi already trying to get a control of Amit and Deepak to form another group there to ousten some hot ladies .. While all bitching is going around in this area Carol and Deepak are really playing normal and cool and the poor Rupali hoping that she doesnt get ousted atleast this time ..

Lets see what happens today when Deepak Tijori ( I am hoping he is Deepak Tijori ) joins in today ...

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  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    It's sick how Kashmira, Anupama and Aryan are indulging in petty conspiracies. I was earlier impressed with Rakhi's honesty but sadly, she is as dumb as she looks.

    The show may be trashy but it does offer an interesting study in human behaviour.

    I feel like wringing Kashmira's neck everytime I see her. Isn't the bitch aware that the whole nation is laughing at her? How can one stoop to such levels? I am sure when the show is over, she'll try to justify her actions by arguing that it's just a game. But game or not, her vileful mischiefs do reveal what a pathetic person she must be in her real life. Ditto for Aryan, Anupama and Rakhi.
    Their histrionics are getting on my nerves. If I was Big Boss, I would have shut down the show and spanked these morons till they bled.