Nov 17, 2006

I want a change ????

How often do we ask this question to ourselves ? Raise your hands ... hahahahah you wont really would you? So thats why the question comes in ... WHen do you really look for a change ? Well for the Head Hunters or IT Job Recruiters I am not a prey for you at this point ... the question has a bigger meaning which is for now out of scope ...

When do we ask for a change?
1. You get up in the morning with a same old dumb ass thought that you have to go back to the same fucking place where your Boss is going to be with a screw driver to try and screw whatever he can...

2. You use the same old toothpaste and brush your teeth ..

3. Use the same Latrine and tissue papers you have being using for years now ..

4. You have the same old breakfast with an omlete and bread or an egg sandwitch or some corn flakes or some juice ..

5. You talk the same old "Bye Honey.. See ya at 7" with your spouse ...

6. You catch the same old 8:02 Train or the 9:35 sub way ... if you drive you use the same car you had being using for years now ..

7. You got to the same office which you have being to since past few months or years ..

8. The moment you reach in you ask your collegues the same old question you had being asking for decades now ... hey dude " How are you?" Or "whats up ?" ..

9. You fucking have the same lunch and get back to home with the same Train and Bus ..

10. You watch the same TV series you ahd being for years now ..

11. You do the same things on weekends you had being doing for years .. or probably your parents are doing for years now ..

12. and You sleep the same time you had being sleeping for ages now ..

13. Finally you have the same amount of sex with your spouse and that too in the same position you had being trying for years ...

So If you give a thought on all this You wont find any different thing in your life .. would you? So when I ask you How many times you ask this question to yourself you say never ?????? That is a fucking idiotic answer ... be honest when you read me .. I am no bloody motivator who is going to change your life in 5 mins .. nor I am going to fucking charge you for reading this .. Nor I am saying that Change yourself to be on top of the world .. So what do I want????

To be honest I dont know .. I just wanna convey that change .. Change Change ...Change the blooody world ... change the way you look at your spouse for one day .. think she is Angelina today and that too without drinking too much of beer ..

Talk to your kids differently one day as you talk to Tom or Dick your old school mates .. Go party with them in an evening when you come home tired after work

Use the Miswak one day instead of your old tooth paste and brush .. use a open land to perform your natural duties .. see how good you feel in the morning when the only thing between you and your natural duty is sky and air ..

Give a nice big hug and hold your spouse in your arms for a day .... and why dont just kiss her and say that the breakfast was fantastic and she looks great ?

Why not go walking , jogging and humping on a bike to office .. why dont you go and take a coffee jar and talk to your boss about how good it is to work with him .. and why dont ask your dude what he had in breakfast today ?

Why dont you take a cab home and take your wife out for a movie and kids to a joggers park .. why dont you sleeep at 12 today instead of 8 .. and why dont you try something different in the bed .. No sex just talks ?

See how good everyone you dealt today will feel ... and if they dont .. you are free to grab hold my balls until I die ... Only If you can catch me .;)

Well but honestly give a thought and see the difference it makes in your life ....See that change it brings to your lifew ... see tha fun you get in the life ..

Boogie Woogie ..


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