Nov 9, 2006

Britney is Single again

So after a 2 year old fun marriage Britney has decided to call of the day with the not so hot dude of Hollywood .. Kevin Federline .. the Guy who is turning out more traffic on blogs than his concert that happened last weeekend ... to the pity this divorce news came to him only by a Text Message (SMS) when Britney called off the day and said Good Bye ..

Kevin who these days is trying to be a rapper was fliming for his canadian music channel assignment and who is already burdened with the failed concert on weekend and the chicago concert tickets being given away by the TicketMaster.....

About Britney spears .... who was lately seen shopping around the Big Apple is going to pay $30,000 per month to the wanna be rapper for 1 year and is looking forward for a custody of both the kids..

Sean Preston 1 yr and Jayden James 2 months will be too unlucky to miss the father as Britney decides to Ice skating a few days later with the X Manager Larry Rudolph who was being sacked by the Pop star when they got married ...


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