Nov 16, 2006

Bigg Boss - Deepak Tijori In and Rumble in the Bronx

So finally .. when everything looked like going smoothly the arrival of a unknown person in the Big Boss House ( I knew it was Deepak Tijori .. see my post made yesterday) has created a fanatic drama in the house. Lot of Bitching still happening and Indian slangs like "Harami" , "Kameena" "Chudail" and what not .. so the tug of war is still not over ... today is the day of renaissance for a few .. as After deepaks arrival yesterday everyone could see the real face of how back stabbers could be in the world and specially the Page 3 Back Stabbers .. when I first saw Madhu Bhandarkars Page 3 I wasnt very sure that it should be that bad but looking at Bigg Boss it makes you feel true face of the current celeb world..

So when Deepak, Carol, Rakhi and others found Deepak Tijori sleeping in the Ambience they were shocked and then he was greeted with a real warm welcome from All of them .. specially Rahul Roy was too happy as he got the old mate from his first film " Ashiqui" .. Ravi and Rahul were explaining him some of the rules and regulations from the Bigg Boss game and Deepak Tijori who is expalining others about the gamin spirit is trying to get over all of this ..

There on the other hand Aryan and Anupama are bitching around saying that they should plot to get Rahul, Ravi and Carol out first as all 3 are smart and gaining popularity .. while the biggest fool in the game is going to be Rakhi Sawant the biggest Villain in the game show Kashmira is trying to safe guard all her locks ..

Today was the day of the weekly Activity and Deepak the new joiny who will also be called as Baba was the judge .. he made 3 teams Jugglers (Aryan, kashmira and Amit), Ringers (Rakhi, Anupama and Ragini ) , swingers ( Rahul Deepak and Ravi) and walkers (Carol, Rupali) so none of them could last on there acts form a minute and all of them failed to perform in the cirsu act that Big Boss has given them .. however the Clown look for all of them was too funny... I am sure the Bigg Boss photos of Kashmira, Aryan, Amit and Rakhi Sawant will make you dammn happy..

Deepak was not at all biased and he thus failed everyone in the race .. so the budget for this weeks luxury Items was only 500 Rs ...

There on the other hand Aryan and Kashmira shah were warned by the Bigg Boss for playing foul and talking about the nominations and Code language .... so the game is getting funnier and the fools are coming up .. I think when the game is over and if it is being recorded or telecasted again all these guys wont be able to face each other .. hand on hand fingers crossed who will get out this week ?

I think it will be Ravi .. but you never know Deepak's angry looks today might have made the public wild .. Lets wait for Kashmira to get nominated by herself and see how big vote she gets ...Rahul Riy has certainly found a good old mate by name of Deepak Tijori also called Baba .. and then Ravi and Deepak with Amit are all in the row as well .. there on the other hand Kashmira has only got Rakhi who might turn out anytime if AMit signals her ;) and Aryan and Anupama can anytime can group into something else ...

I would say let her be in the game and let the war between her and Rahul Roy come up ... Lets see how the nomination goes today ...


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