Nov 24, 2006

Bigg Boss Day 21 - Rakhi Sawant Rocks

A day of Victory a Day of Passion ... A day of Hue A day of saturation .. A day of endurance a day of patience .. a Day of War a Day of Scar ... Todays day was very very passionate specially after the incidence that took a timely curve in the house ..

Amit while cooking the food today used the luckiest Tea cup of Rakhi to grind the Ginger Garlic Paste ... and what a mistake it was right in the early morning that Rakhi saw it when she went to get the Tea and could smell the Garlic in it ... dammmn the first time I saw the real Rakhi Sawant after the Mika Kiss incidence ... she started yelling shouting crying and did almost everything that one shoudnt in front of the camera while not really acting ..

This wasnt enough she went and blasted both the boys and the girls right in there rooms and in front of everyone ... wow .. what a show it was .. all swear words dropped on the biggest swearers of the world .. remember Ravi Kissen ... lol Ravi Kishan .,... this was not enough to wrap the show today when Kashmira whose 1 leg is in house and the other is out of the house poured some oil in the burning Rakhi Sawant flame saying that why dont you go and tell the person who did it .. and that was it .. the friendship that appeared a while ago has changed in the revenge ... Rakhi went to Amit Sadh and started blasting like anything .. withh all the possible things she ever had in mind ..

Now I can say there is no chance of romance in them ... there on the other hand Kasmira was enjoying the show trying to get the fun out before she really goes off .. how confident she is that she will be out ... This incident could not keep Rakhi swirling as Amit clearly told her that it was no big deal and he was sorry and when he saw the mouth not getting shut he threatened her to throw out of the house ... And that was enough to make Rakhi weep inside in the girls rooms .. she went and weeped at Rupalis arms .. and Rupali a friendly always girl was trying to help her with everything she could ..

some time later Rakhi went to everyone and said sorry when Ragini and Rupali told her that she should go and tell sorry to everyone .. Deepak Tijori , Ravi Kishan, Rahul Roy, Carol and others were OK with it .. but Rakhi said that she wont say sorry to Amit . and came back .. while passing by in the room she heard Kashmira talking shit about herself in front of Amit .. and Damm you wont believe what a show it was .. breakup of the best friends in the show .... 20 days and I am able to see evrything happening .. Godddddd

Rakhi balsted like anything and then went to peace with Amit ... there the Love story between Anupama and Aryan took a different turn when Aryan got very very pissed of with Anupama when she said she wasnt to continue play Antakshari with the guys and Aryan wanted her out to talk ... Aryan got pissed and walked out with the old flirty crush .. Ragini .. while Anupama came 3 times asking what was up with him and when she saw that Aryan was ignoring him .. just went off saying that she doesnt want to talk to him he can leave ...

This did not last long so Ragini there is nothing for you to Joy about ... The confession meets were emotional with Rakhi talking about her Boyfried Abhishek .. looking and dancing with his pic and godd she is going to propose him when she gets out ..

Lets wait to see who goes out of the house now and what happens next...


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