Nov 14, 2006

Bigg Boss - The Conspiracy Theoram

So now Bigg Boss is getting a real real sharp turn ... this is no more a fair game I guess and the reason it comes as a conspiracy theoram is that there are so many conspiracies boiling out there in the single room ..

Monday was the day of Nominations for the Elimination from the Big Boss house and this time apart from Ravi Kishan who was nominated by default .. this time Rupali Ganguly was added with the last week's Deepak Parasher. Poor deepak parasher after the dismissal of Bobby darling I thought he would be in this time .. specially when people slowly are liking him .. but anyways thats the game ..

Monday wasnt that great except one or 2 incidents where Rakhi Sawant and Amit Sadh share a very very different chemistry ... Yeah it appeared that Rakhi Sawant has started liking Amit Sadh and that he hates her ... the stuff doesnt end here as Amit was discussing the negations about Rakhi to the collegues specially Ravi and Rahul Roy ..

There on the other hand Kashmira Shah is playing mind games I think she is also liking someone .. maybe Aryan or Amit ... and the issue is that she knows she has to conspire to nominate someone that will make her place safe ... so who is it ? Rahul Roy ? Or Rupali Ganguly ? or Carol ? So Kashmira got a intution that Rahul or Carol might be a threat to her in winning the Big Boss show ... specially when she was discussing the same with Rakhi earlier ...

Kashmira's shrewd game tactics might not be able to take her through as she doesnt know that whether or not you do what the public is going to vote .. and the public will vote on the basis of what they see ... with the shrewd game tactics I think this will be tough and tough in the later stage .. there Rahul Roy is playing a safe game to convince people to nominate ones that are going to affect him next week .. I like his game planning he is thinking short term goals...

So finally yesterday after the fights and romances today was a game day where the whole bunch was divided in 2 teams 1 was lead by Rakhi and the other by Kashmira ... Rakhi's team had rahul,Deepak, Carol, Rupali and Anupama while the other team was Amit, Kashmira, Aryan, Ravi, Ragini.. Rakhi was smart enough to find 8 soft balls that were hidden in the room while the other team could only manage 3 ..

While all this was happening Rakhi committed that she had changed completely and all agreed (Carol, ragini,rupali and rakhi) that Kashmira was a B** and that she was playing mind games ... the fact that Kashimira noticed that all the girls were talking about her she could not stop herself from targetting Aryan and Amit and play a negative about Rakhi and Rupali ..

Late night she caught Rakhi and was conspiring about Amit .. while all of this is happening you wont believe that Aryan and Anupama are still together and trying to gel well... I guess when Aryan Vaid goes out he will be linked or engaged to Anupama ... Poor Ragini cannot do much and people are all missing Salil Ankola...

Ektaa Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms conspiracy is less powerful then the one that is being played around in the Bigg Boss house .. so dont forget to see the next episode ..


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